SPF – The Potty Throne

King Henry VIII had several thrones but one of the most memorable thrones was his bathroom throne.

Kings don’t go outside to “outhouses.” No, they have potty chairs (also called thrones) and they have servants that dispose of the foul wastes.

These servants were from the lower rung of the ladder and King Henry VIII wouldn’t think twice of beheading them if they didn’t do their job promptly and properly. His “waste” was as important as he was and God forbid if they ever forgot that.

Liddy waited quietly as the King finished doing his “important business.” Then she waited to hear his call, “Finished.” She would promptly run into his quarters pick up the chair and take it outside and bury the waste that was in it. She would clean the chair properly and then take it back inside to the King’s quarters, all to the satisfaction (hopefully) of the “very important” King.

Liddy hoped that one day she would be removed from this position and learn to work in the kitchen. Even though this was harder work she wouldn’t have to work directly with the king who was infamous for beheading women.


Thank you to Al Forbes for our photo prompt this week and for hosting, Sunday Photo Fiction. He gives us a photo prompt and approximately 200 words with which we write our story with. It’s fun and addicting and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click here.

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28 thoughts on “SPF – The Potty Throne

  1. Probably that’s how caste system came into being. Somebody had to do the job. Needy people accepted it and with time it became a fixed family profession. Eventually these families could not come out of it as there was stigma involved with potty carriers.

  2. I’m glad you dug into the bowels of history to finish the story. We once had a fashionable dress shop in Sydney called Potty Bonkers. Not sure what the name really meant but the shop was really popular,

  3. This sure was a stinky situation for Liddy! Just imagine …having the possibility of getting your head chopped off just because the King disapproved of the way you cleaned his ..’potty throne!!!!’ 😠 What a life! Great story, Joy.

  4. Having spent many hours in an outhouse (including being trapped there by a flock of vicious geese), I would have preferred the “royal treatment.”
    I smiled my way through. Gives new meaning to Kipling’s If: If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs . . .

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