The Island House

Izzie lived in the island house for thirty years after her husband passed away.


Albert was so excited about his 20th anniversary gift to Izzie; a passage on the majestic ship, the Titanic.


When the infamous ship hit an iceberg, Albert quickly put Izzie on a life raft, assuring her he would catch a life raft later, knowing there wouldn’t be enough for him.

Watching the “unsinkable” ship sinking, Izzie felt her spirit descending right along with it. Shaking with fear and gasping for air through a huge knot of tears and sobs, she frantically searched for sight of her beloved husband.

The women began singing, “Amazing Grace,” and the men standing on the doomed ship began singing too,

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound…”

Still singing, the men stood stoically, sinking into the deep, dark, and desolate ocean.

…”And grace my fears relieved;”

Watching in tearful horror and shocked disbelief, the women and children witnessed their husbands and fathers slowly descend into their icy tomb.

…”And grace will lead me home.”


Thank you to TJ Paris for our photo prompt this week.

This is my 175 word story for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 100-175 words with which we write our stories. The challenge is fun and addicting. Everyone is welcome to join in. For more information, click here.

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64 thoughts on “The Island House

    • Yes, Jessie, it makes it more emotional knowing these men (and some women) really did go down with the ship. According to my grandmother, her great aunt was one of them. She was one of the piano players.

  1. My goodness, that is some connection between the picture and real events. A very touching.

  2. Really love this particular story PJ. I can really picture it and you’ve captured the emotions of the dying and left behind so well with Amazing grace being sung between your telling of what’s going on. Awesome story even though it is very sad.

    • Thank you Mandi. I appreciate your feedback very much. I’m sure it was a terrible and highly emotional time at that time. Probably more than I could write about in my limited writing abilities. Thank you for giving me your wonderful feedback.

  3. Vividly described, PJ. I could feel the emotion as I read it and Izzie, gasping for breath as her beloved husband disappeared beneath the waves with the ‘unsinkable’ ship. Well written.

  4. A really well told story, PJ, though so very sad. You’ve done a great job in portraying Izzie’s devastation at the loss of he husband and I love the way you’ve interspersed it with ‘Amazing Grace’.

    • Thank you Dawn. I was just telling Louise that I felt like I didn’t give it enough emotion. The gravity of the situation had to be so much worse than I could possibly portray.

  5. Such a bittersweet story — I could feel Albert’s love, and Izzie’s despair. A Night to Remember (pre-James Cameron’s Titanic) echoes your prose.

  6. Excellent writing, you created the whole scene in my mind. I could see Izzie in the lifeboat and the Titanic sinking straight down into the ocean with Albert on board. I could hear them singing, you really brought the story to life! Thanks PJ!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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