There is an ancient legend in the old country that there is a rare bird, named letcholin vondala, (letchy, for short) that seldom is ever seen. When it is seen and it poops on you, you will turn to stone. Honestly, I thought the legend was just that, a legend and nothing with substance. I mean, who ever heard of being turned to stone because of being pooped on by a bird? Hahahaha!

Then one day I was sitting at the beach watching the surf and enjoying the peaceful feeling and beautiful ocean when I saw a letchy. As soon as I saw the bird, the bird took aim at me and plop!

I am a sad and lonely stone statue with petrified bird poop on my stone arm.

My heart is heavy and I feel the weight of my regret for laughing at the letchy.


Thank you to Alistair Forbes for our photo prompt today and for hosting the challenge, Sunday Photo Fiction. Al gives us the photo prompt and approximately 100-200 words with which we are to write our stories. The challenge is fun and addicting and everyone is welcome to participate. If you would like more information about this challenge, click here.

To read the other participants’ wonderful stories, click here.



69 thoughts on “SPF-Stoned

  1. LOL’s. 😁 I’m thinking it must have been one of those ‘Angry Birds’ from the cartoons! (“He who laughs last, gets the last laugh.”)

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