SPF-The Merry Maiden

The seas are graced with the continual ghostly presence of the ship, the “Merry Maiden,” whose crew and passengers all mysteriously went missing fifty-seven years ago. Not one single sign of them have been found since. It is thought that the ship passed through some type of magnetic field that transported the passengers and crew to a different time and space.

As the ship continues its voyage, the lights come on at the exact same time every night and beautiful piano music along with laughter and various chatter can be heard coming from the ship. Everyone that boards the Merry Maiden cannot find one single soul aboard.

Because it is believed the passengers and crew are still aboard the ship, residing in a different time, the ship is left alone to cruise the seas and continue their “maiden” voyage.

Perhaps one day they will return the same way they left.


Thank you to Alistair Forbes for hosting the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge and providing our prompt photo this week.

Alistair gives us the prompt photo and approximately 100-200 words with which we write our stories and share them on the InLinkz Grid. This challenge is open to all who want to participate. For more information, please click here.

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31 thoughts on “SPF-The Merry Maiden

  1. What a great story. I have always loved tales of lost ships and especially ghost ships doomed to wander the seas.

  2. This is great! When I participate with these prompts, I never read any before I write, as I do not want to seem like I am copying anyone… but I have to say that ours are somewhat similar. This has happened, before, and I would argue ‘birds of a feather’. (;

    • Thanks Jorbi! That really makes my day! I’m not surprised that ours are somewhat alike but I can tell you even before I read yours that yours will 100X better than mine! LOL!

  3. What a lovely yet eerie story. I sense the Bermuda Triangle might have had something to do with it?

  4. I often think it would be rather nice to be ‘out of time’ but of course you wouldn’t know so wouldn’t be able to compare to any other version of reality. It almost reads as a piece of history too 🙂 Well done.

  5. The Mary Celeste was an American two masted sailing ship that was found sailing near the Azores islands with no crew or passengers on board, I think in December 1870 or so. The mystery of what happened has never been solved. Your story reminded me of it.

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