FFfAW-The Beach

Betty could feel the sun beating on her skin and see the beautiful blue ocean as she thought about their upcoming cruise.

She fingered the skimpy yellow bikini thinking how angry Harry might be when she wears it at the beach. No matter, she bought it anyway.

The first time Harold saw her in the bikini, he almost dropped his paper umbrella drink.

“My God, Betty, get some clothes on!”

“This is what I'm wearing whether you like it or not!”

Harold grinned, put on his speedo, grabbed Betty's arm and together in grand style, they walked to the beach.



Thank you to Sonya with “Only 100 Words” for our prompt photo this week.

This is my 100 word submission for the challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. We are given a prompt photo and approximately 75-175 words with which we use to create our stories. It is fun and challenging and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, check out this link.

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55 thoughts on “FFfAW-The Beach

  1. LOL! She made a decision and stuck to it (even though she did feel kind of nervous). I love that, and I love how Harold jumped on board (even though it took him a moment to get over his shock). A very fun and loving piece ๐Ÿ˜€ Excellent job

  2. LOL…I want to know if the picture of the ship is what inspired the speedo thought, and you worked your way backwards to the bikini!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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