My Amazing Dog

“Why do you have a statue of a dog on your front porch?” Stewart asked Louis.

Louis rubbed his chin thoughtfully and answered, “That isn't just a statue of a dog, it is a statue of Rusty, one of the most amazing and my favorite dog of all time.” He trailed his last few words as he thought of his old friend.

“I would love to hear about Rusty,”

Sighing as he reminisced, Louis said, “He saved my life when I came home from the war,” taking a deep breath, “He pulled me from the depth of despair by showing me life was worth living again and I owe my life to Rusty.”

As they were staring at the statue it began to glow, “And, that is Rusty telling me he loves and misses me too.”

“That is amazing! How did you do that?”

“It just happens when I am standing near the statue and I think or speak about Rusty,” Louis continued grinning, “Didn't I just tell you that Rusty was an amazing dog?”


Al Forbes is our kind host for the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge. He provides us with a photo prompt and approxiately 200 words with which we create our stories. The challenge is open to all who would like to participate. For more information, click on this link.

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52 thoughts on “My Amazing Dog

  1. Creative story. I like that the statue glows when it feels love. It makes you feel that the dog is there even though he’s long gone.

  2. Very sweet tale about Louis and Rusty! I also thought it was very nice for Stewart to ask more about the dog, when Louis first told him. So many times, the other person will chime right in with a story about their own dog, or their own ideas about pets. To have someone say, “That’s important to you? I’d love to hear more,” that’s the mark of a good friend.

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