MFtS – Surrogate Mother

I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured, and I knew it was planning to make me its next meal. I slowly rose from the ground to run, when the vulture suddenly swooped down, picking me up with its sharp and dangerous talons.

She lifted me then gingerly placed me inside the nest with her babies and quickly flew away. This mother vulture had placed me there to care for her babies. Finally, with the nest and babies in my arms, I slowly climbed down the pole, taking them to my garage. I fed them several times a day until they were old enough to be released back into the wild.

I found out later that the mother vulture knew she was dying and had selected me to be the surrogate mother to her babies.

I thought I was going to be incredible easy food to her and her babies but it turned out, I was so very much more. (100)

Barbara Beacham is our wonderful host for Mondays Finish the Story Challenge. (Keep up the great healing Barb! We are cheering for you!). She supplies us with the first sentence to our story, the photo prompt, and approximately 100-150 words with which we build our stories with. Everyone is welcome to participate in this challenge by writing a story based on the photo prompt and linking it to the blue froggy link. Warning! It is challenging and fun. For more information, click here.

To read all the awesome stories that have been submitted by great writing artists, click on this link.


62 thoughts on “MFtS – Surrogate Mother

  1. That’s pretty cool! Must have been a HUGE vulture. Those turkey vultures as they are called here in California are pretty big and can be seen soaring the thermals most sunny days…looking for prey. Mwaahaahaa!

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