SPF-The Actress

Lucinda pretends a lot. Sometimes she pretends she is a princess, other times she pretends she is a damsel in distress, and tonight she is pretending to be an actress. As she stands outside the theatre she can hear the actors playing their parts and she pretends she is among them.

It's a cold night and her mother is trying to keep warm inside a cardboard box on the south side of the building where the wind can't be felt. Lucinda is cold too, her coat really isn't that warm, but tonight she doesn't care. Tonight she is an actress.


Photo provided by Al Forbes

This is my 100 word submission for the challenge, Sunday Photo Fiction. Al Forbes is our kind host and he provides us with a photo prompt and approximately 100-200 words with which we create our stories. It is fun and addicting and everyone is invited to join. For more information, click HERE.

To read the other submissions for this photo prompt submitted by wonderful writers, click HERE.

42 thoughts on “SPF-The Actress

  1. Very good story. It’s one of my favourites you’ve written. I feel so sad for the little girl who lives on the street. That would be so tough and cold, in winter especially. I’m glad she has such a vivid imagination to help her fight the cold and realities of life. Given half a chance her and kids who are homeless in real life could do great things with their lives, especially with an imagination.

  2. Such power in such a few words! This is a very good piece, PJ! My heart soared and it ached all at once. It also feels hope. Awesome job!

  3. Really well written. In just 100 words you gave me a smile and a warm glow at the thought of how kids so easily imagine themselves into a new world, then threw a cold bucket of sadness over me. It’s a good thing that imagination can enable children (and adults) to effect a temporary escape from miserable circumstances, but so sad that reality drags them back.

    • I am sorry I threw a bucket of cold water on you! Yes, children have the ability (well, so do adults) to use their imaginations to make their circumstances much better. Remember that quote, “Fake it til you make it!” Thank you for your lovely comment!

  4. Such a lovely, yet sad story, Joy. Lucinda is a very strong person and I feel she will do great things one day. She is the kind that will not let hardship get her down and will keep striving for the things she loves. I find it remarkable how well some of these children adjust. I believe it makes them stronger than the average person and they grow up not only make something of themselves, but will have the compassion for others, in a big way.

    • Thank you Jessie! I agree with you. These children have had to face hard circumstances and when they find something like imaginations to get them through it, they are helping themselves in doing great things in the future. Thank you for reading and for your wonderful comment.

  5. Fantastic writing, PJ. Children are usually very resilient but I hate to see them have to struggle. A vivid imagination is a great help, but only for a moment! How sad!

  6. That brought a tear to my eye. I think it didn’t help with seeing three homeless men in a doorway yesterday when it was raining. I felt so sad for them, I had a coffee sent over for each of them from the Subway over the road.

    On a different note, someone did a test. They sat for two hours with a sign “Need money for drugs” and loads of people were giving him money, and laughing about the fact that he was saying what he was using it for. Then they moved on to the next part, where he sat for two hours with a child and a sign “need money to feed my daughter” and he basically got nothing.

    • That was kind of you to buy those men coffee! I’m sure you made their day. 🙂 That is so sad about the guy getting money for drugs but not to feed his daughter. I guess people don’t believe that pan handlers actually need the money to eat. Thank you for your kind comment.

      • Sometimes the people use others to try to make money. I over heard people talking about one homeless man who actually had a house somewhere. That could be just an attempt at trouble making. You never know the reason behind homelessness, it is never cut and dry.

        • I have to agree with you Al. I think that some homeless panhandlers are legit but there are those who are just out to get a hand out without having to work. How is one suppose to tell the difference? I certainly can’t. Generally though, if I see a panhandler smoking a cigarette I feel like he is probably one of the fakes. 😀

          • I agree. We have a paper over here called The Big Issue. People who are, or have been, homeless sell the paper. Each vendor buys the papers at £1.25 each, and they sell them at a fixed rate of £2.50 each so they make £1.25 on each one. On the front page, it says “A hand up not a hand out” as it helps the people get back on their feet again.Our local vendor, Colin, he has recently found himself somewhere to live. He is an ex-con, ex-drug addict and ex-homeless. He can see the real and fake, and he will let people know if there are any fakes in town. He knows I like to buy them a hot drink or something, so he will steer me away from the frauds.

          • That’s wonderful for you that you have someone who can let you know who are the fakes so you don’t buy them coffee thinking they are homeless and in a bad way. Not so much that you wouldn’t want to buy them coffee but because they are frauds.

          • He is also proof that people can turn their life around. He is one of the nicest people around, and you would not believe he had been in prison. It gets me people who slam him for his past. He stands outside in all weathers and is nice to everyone. I asked him once why he says “Have a nice day” to people who ignore him. His patter is
            “Big Issue?”
            “Have a nice day”
            And he says it with a smile. He said that they may be in their own little world and have the weight of every thing on their shoulders. That “Have a nice day” may be the difference in their day, or in their life.

          • He sounds like a very nice guy. That is wonderful that he turned his life around like he has and after all he has been through, to have such a positive attitude is exceptional. He seems to understand people too. That, “have a nice day.” may truly bring sunshine into someone’s dark world and he understands that.

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