SPF-The Auction II

The Auctioneer barked out, “Eight, Nine, do we have Nine?” I raised my hand, and a man to my right raised his hand. “Nine, ten, do we have twelve?” I raised my hand again and the other bidder didn't raise his hand. Twelve, going once, going twice, SOLD for twelve thousand U.S. dollars to the young lady in blue! I almost passed out. TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for an old bamboo vase? I thought it was $12! I had no idea what I was I going to do. I didn't have $12,000! Slowly, I crept out the back door and ran.


This is my 100 word submission for the challenge, Sunday Photo Fiction. Alastair Forbes furnishes us with a photo prompt and approximately 100-200 words with which we create our stories. The challenge is fun and addicting and everyone is invited to participate. If you would like more information, click HERE.

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50 thoughts on “SPF-The Auction II

  1. Oh those wicked fast talking barkers. They speak a language only salivating deal seeking auction junkies can fathom. I think I can see that happen somehow. It’s also why they make you give a credit card number to register in some places. Nicely done, my dear 😀

      • I have had more fun watching people than buying at the few auctions I was at. Grandpa was an auction shark. He’d spend twenty to thirty bucks on a carload of junk. But it was always a bargain.😀

        • That sounds like he had a lot of fun at the auctions. I think auctions are mens “garage sales.” LOL! When I first got married and we were trying to get started on household items, we went to an auction and bought a refrigerator and stove. I’m pretty sure we didn’t pay very much but those appliances lasted us a long time. That’s about the only time I have been at an auction.

          • I have been to small town ones. There’s a sub culture at work. Yes, I see garage sale too. But there are serious treasure hunters out there and they are fun you watch when they start to bid. Sometimes they drive the price of other things up early to buy their treasure after everyone has spent their money.

          • Haha! They drive the prices up so people will spend their money then buy what they want for a small price. Very sneaky! LOL! I have only been to a small town auction too – which was many years ago. This town isn’t so small anymore.

          • The bad part is this giant lake above us creates lake effect snow. A beautiful sunny day and a northwest wind can become half a foot of snow rather quickly. Buffalo, NY gets it worse. So we have that going for us here.

          • I don’t think I would do well living in a place that gets lots of snow. I think snow is beautiful as long as I don’t have to drive on it, or drive on the ice, or have to shovel it. I like the warmer weather too much! LOL!

  2. Oh my gosh! This made me laugh so hard! I am terrified of auctions for this very reason. With my luck I could sneeze and land myself a very expensive widget! 🙂

  3. Oh dear… what a predicament. A very funny but true-to-life-story, PJ. I can really imagine this happening to anyone. I wouldn’t even dare to nod in an auction room, let alone raise my hand! 🙂

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