SPF-The Auction

The Auctioneer barked out, “Eight, Nine, do we have Nine?” I raised my hand, and a man to my right raised his hand. “Nine, ten, do we have twelve?” I raised my hand again and the other bidder didn't raise his hand. Twelve, going once, going twice, SOLD for twelve thousand U.S. dollars to the young lady in blue! I almost passed out. TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for an old bamboo vase? I thought it was $12! I had no idea what I was I going to do. I didn't have $12,000! Slowly, I crept out the back door and ran.



This is my 100 word submission for the challenge, Sunday Photo Fiction. Alastair Forbes furnishes us with a photo prompt and approximately 100-200 words with which we create our stories. The challenge is fun and addicting and everyone is invited to participate. If you would like more information, click HERE.

To read other stories created for this challenge, click HERE.


27 thoughts on “SPF-The Auction

  1. Whoops? Is there a reset button? Enjoyed. I have been reluctant to go to auctions for that very reason. My mind gets easily distracted and I am afraid I may come home without the car?

  2. So funny! But, not for the one putting in the bid. Ha! It sounds like the kind of jam I’d get myself into! I would be doing the disappearing act as well! I wonder what they do when this really happens?

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