Three Line Story – Barn Sale

#1: “I'm thinking we are going to a field where green grass is thick and tall.”

#2: “I'm thinking we will go somewhere where we will see a lot of our relatives.”

#3: “I'm thinking, we should get the hell outta here.”

Sonya, with the blog, Only 100 Words, has invited anyone who would like to participate to join in. She has given us a prompt photo as our inspiration. To participate or read other TLS, click HERE.



109 thoughts on “Three Line Story – Barn Sale

  1. OMG PJ that is hilarious!!! I like #1’s thought the best, but I think #3 may be on to something! This is fantastic, I laughed right out loud!! xo

  2. I agree…number three has the right answer…they need to run like their life depends on it…because it does. And, in this case it would not be ..Cow-wardly. ๐Ÿฎ. Great job, Joy!

    • I love your play on words! Cute! I heard on the news the other day there was a load of cattle going to the slaughter house and one of the cows got loose and ran like He**. Poor thing. They caught him and he ended up in the slaughter house. That is so sad!

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