TLT Week 7 – Coming home

Watching from my bedroom window, the ink black car pulls into the space and chills run up my spine.

How dare you think you can just walk back into my life at the blink of an eye!

God, how I have missed you.

This is my Three Line Tale submission for the challenge by Sonya, author of the blog, Only 100 Words. She provides us with a photo prompt from which we create our three line tales. Everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click here.

To read other submissions for this challenge, go to the Reader and search under 3LineTales.




49 thoughts on “TLT Week 7 – Coming home

    • LOL! Thank you for reading my Three Line Tale for last week! Yes, it was a bit chilling. The meaning being, there are times we feel like we would like to kill our partner (not literally) and yet we can’t live without them. Haha!

  1. Love it! Immediately after that thought, I felt disappointment. What do you mean this is it? And the story behind the three lines? You left me craving more, and in the mean time, you also summed it all up. Very clever. Great job. Keep them coming!

  2. There are mixed feelings associated with arrival of unexpected visitor. The narrator in your story was angry but knows the importance of visitor in his or her life.
    Interesting three lines !!!

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