FFotPP – Hear Me

The high shrill of screeching brakes, crashing metal and screams mix together in a haze of confusion. I come to briefly, inside my vehicle remembering the last thing I remembered before the accident, lights coming directly at me – not being able to see where I was going – then suddenly losing reality, and ultimately blackness.

I wake again to the sound of beeping machines and hooked up to tubes. My body not being able to move, my daughter sitting beside me crying.

Marcia, Marcia, I'm okay, I'm right here. Stop crying.” She doesn't seem to hear me and continues to cry.

She turns to the nurse, “Please give me another minute before you take her off the life support.”

The nurse nods and walks away.

I'm here, I'm here! I'm okay!”

Why can no one hear me?



Image credit: public domain archive

This is my submission for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. This challenge is hosted by Roger Shipp and this week he has supplied us with a prompt photo and approximately 200 words with which we create our stories. This challenge is open to everyone and for more information, click here.

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89 thoughts on “FFotPP – Hear Me

    • I don’t know but I have always been afraid of that happening to me or wonder if it happens to others when they are disconnected from life support. But I guess we will never know – not in this life anyway.

    • It is! I have always been afraid of that – should it ever happen to me. But I have also wondered this about other people when they have to be taken off of life support. But then, maybe they really are dead to this world but exist in a veil type of world that we do not see. But they can see us. It is interesting to me.

  1. Scary, because this situation could actually be true. We dont know what a person is exactly like in a coma. I guess that’s why that decision to take someone off life support is so difficult. We can listen to doctors opinions but even they don’t actually know. I feel for your character trapped. I hope something happens and she wakes up and breathes on her own; either that or she wakes up in heaven. Great interesting write!

    • Thank you Mandi. That is so true – we really don’t know. When the doctors say they are brain dead, are they really? it has been a fear of mine – to be taken off of life support yet still be very much alive.

  2. A scary moment for sure! Great prompt and flash!
    I can no longer get to Roger’s site. My computer blocked it and several others due to virus problems. Wonder if it’s virus problems, or just silly computer problems on my end. Will I ever know?

  3. Whoa, that gave me chills at the end. Can you imagine, I bet that happens…your mind is functioning but your body won’t respond because there is a disconnect and even if the machines say there is no brain activity I bet there has been in people before….amazing story PJ…once again you blow my mind!! xo

    • Thank you so much, Deb! This is something that has always scared me – what if?? I can’t help but think this when others are on life support. Gives me the chills.

          • Let’s believe that, I like that better. I had a near death experience when I was young, and I left my body..it was so peaceful and lovely so if that’s where they are then they are happy and fine!! xo

          • Wow, Deb! That is awesome that you had a near death experience. I hope that is what is on the other side – peace and love. I agree. If that is where they (and us) go then they are just fine!

          • When I was about 7 I was sick and had a fever. I woke up during the night and had to throw-up, my mother brought me into the bathroom and while i was getting sick I went into convulsions and then just stopped breathing. I remember they carried me and laid me on their bed, my parents. Then I was floating above the bed, looking down at me and my parents who were on either side of the bed and they were going to call 911. My mother is a nurse. As I was floating above them I remember feeling so peaceful and happy and in my mind I was saying to them…I’m fine, I’m okay, it’s going to be alright…but I could not say it…just like your story. I’m sure just a short amount of time past because I woke back up and they were so relieved and they had not called 911 yet…but I tell you it was the most beautiful, peaceful, heavenly, loving experience. So I am grateful for it and now I no longer fear dying…just as long as it’s quick! 🙂

          • Wow! That is just an amazing story! I’m so glad you didn’t die! But how awesome to absolutely know what death is like and not fear it at all. It sounds like all the things you described it as. Beautiful!! When I was little bitty I had a bad fever and told my mom that I was seeing Angels. (My mom told me this because I don’t remember it). My mom said it scared her to death that I was dying. I wish I could remember it.

          • Aw thanks PJ!! I know right, what a help that is…and most everyone whose story I’ve heard about near-death experiences say the same thing…so it must be so.
            Oh wow, seeing Angels…they were helping you get well!! Ya that would be awesome if you could remember it. But they are always with you, and you have one that is your guide through your whole life…before you go to sleep ask them to show themselves to you in your dreams that night, maybe they will and maybe you’ll remember. 🙂 xo

          • That’s a great idea! I will do that! I agree with you about near death experiences. I have read quite a few books about them and they all seem to have the same type of experience. A beautiful, loving, peaceful – heavenly experience.

  4. It’s a touching story. But it gave me the heebie-jeebies because I’ve had that “locked-in” experience, though I wasn’t on life support.

    A little over one year ago I went in for a neck surgery that was supposed to keep me in the hospital overnight only. However, I reacted badly to the anesthesia—mostly the paralytic part—and they had trouble waking me up afterwards. When I was mentally conscious, I was unable to move a muscle or talk. When the doctor pulled up my eyelid and told me to look to my left if I could hear him, I did—you could hear his sigh of relief. I just couldn’t open my eyes on my own.

    He decided to send me to ICU. The orderlies (or whatever they’re called) who took me to the ICU were making comments about “taking this whale to ICU” and then were extremely rough inserting a catheter, yanking hard on my right thigh until my hip screamed (since I couldn’t). I could hear every word, felt the pain, but was helpless to respond. I was terrified and prayed to God not to let me be locked in like this for the rest of my life. He answered my prayers,

    The next day, after I was in a regular room on the orthopedic floor, I spoke to the hospital administrator about the treatment by and comments from the orderlies. I spent three days the orthopedic floor before I was released to go home.

    The anesthesiologist had been worried as that hadn’t happened to him before (and he’s not real young) so he came to check on me. I asked what drug he had used and when the first one he mentioned was “succinylcholine”, I said “OH, SHIT!” He was surprised I knew what it was but he also didn’t know I had worked in the medical field. I suspect part of the problem came from judging the dosages based on my weight, which is pretty standard. Backfired! My body processes things in weird ways sometimes.

    Now ALL of my medical charts have a red label below my allergy list for those anesthesia meds not to be used on me if I ever have to have surgery again.

    Beyond this, there really aren’t sufficient words to describe the horror of such an event.

    • Oh my gosh! Bless your heart! What a horrible experience! I’m so glad you came out of it! I’m sorry my story touched on nerves for you. It’s just this is something I have always been afraid of, especially being on life support and taken off. Again, I’m so glad you came out of your terrible experience and that you weren’t on life support! Thank you for telling me about your experience.

  5. I really like how there are so many sounds in the beginning, but in the end no one can hear her.
    When my mom was lying in the hospitals septic I talked to her but the nurses said she couldn’t hear me. I talked to her anyway, saying to myself we don’t know. We ultimately took her off the machines. I hope she wasn’t locked I . My fear is being buried alive and waking up in a coffin – I have a bit of claustrophobia.

    • I’m sorry to hear that your mother had to be taken off of life support. I feel sure the doctors are accurate about their brain activity and she wasn’t “locked.” It is a fear that I have too. I understand from others who have experienced near death experiences that the other side of life is beautiful, peaceful and loving. Your mother went to a beautiful place.

  6. Oh, I hope she gets back to her senses before it’s too late. Or with a sheer luck or miracle, her daughter hears her mom’s voice. *fingers crossed*

    Well told story PJ! 🙂 🙂

  7. This is a really awesome story, Joy! I am quite sure this type of thing has happened to a lot of people. Some talk about it, some do not. I believe some people are capable of being in between life and death and they can actually see what is happening. There has been a countless number of people that have experienced that very peaceful and unafraid experience of death and have come back to life. I have always heard that they do not really want to come back, so there must be some immediate changes that take place. It would be such a horrible experience to be aware of things happening around you, yet not have the ability to communicate with anyone! My mother had a condition that gradually shut down her body and at one point she was only able to open her eyes, yet my sisters knew she was aware of what was happening and she was still alive. Then she could not even open her eyes. I was living out of town and unable to be there at that time, but shortly before she passed away they called me and held the phone up to her ear and I was able to say goodbye to her. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life! My mother had not spoken for two weeks prior to that day, but after I talked to her, my sister told me she asked mom if she had heard me and mom was able to barely whisper…”I heard” . She passed away a couple of hours after that. I agree with Deb…there are guides with you at all times…you can contact them…I do..I am only able to ask a question and get a yes, or no, but I know they are there, especially one who I ask questions to sometimes. I do not hear a voice…my arms will move back and forth for yes and will circle for no. (I do not help in this…just hold them up in the air….I can do this by standing still as well and my body will move back and forth or circle around. I do not know other people’s experiences, but only my own. Some people do hear a voice either outside or in their ear…I do not…not yet.

    • I too believe that some people can be between life and death and can hear. Also, everyone that I hear has experienced that doesn’t want to come back – they want to stay in that loving and peaceful place. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, Jessie. Bless her heart. That had to be hard on her and her family. How sweet that you were able to talk to her and tell her goodbye and was confirmed that she heard you before she passed away. I think it is wonderful that you can get a yes or no from your guide/guides and have a way to communicate with them. I have not heard of anyone that hears their guide’s whisper or voice but I would think that is possible. I have heard of the “inner voice.” I do have a spiritual guide on this side of life although he is not in my life, in a way he is still in my life guiding me. And, I am very thankful that he is. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Jessie.

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