FFfAW – Staying Safe

My husband works at the Texaco station near Bangle Bay beach and we only live 3 blocks from there. Because of that my husband could walk to work and leave me with our one and only car to be able to run errands with.

Yesterday, as he was walking to work someone shot at him. He dove into bushes nearby and avoided being hit. Someone up the road from his location was hit and is in the hospital in critical condition.

I will be waking up at 5:00 am from now on and driving him to work.

It's worth it.

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This is my 100 word submission for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which we create our stories. It is a lot of fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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68 thoughts on “FFfAW – Staying Safe

  1. Wow that’s an awful thought PJ. Not being able to walk even two or three blocks to work without being shot at? I hope its not a sigh of things to come or things that already happen. Yes, it would be worth to wake up early just to drive him a few blocks so he got there safe. Nice take on this one.

  2. So sad that life has come to this for them, walking and running to work early in the morning used to give me great pleasure.

  3. This was a very brutal and blunt take on the world we live in today. I did enjoy it a lot though, for being so straight forward and the ending made me smile.

      • If you live in the US where guns are plentiful, the odds of getting shot are high as the # of gun-toters is phenomenal.
        My next door neighbour had over 40 guns removed from his house by the police — an Italian gentleman in his late 60s and NOT the Godfather or Sopranos-type, and my landlady owns a gun and goes to the firing range to practice. She told me this a couple of years ago to make me feel safer. Knowing she has a gun makes me feel LESS safe! if you understand what I mean. The saying is Guns kill people, not people who kill people. But, no its guns & people who kill people on purpose and by accident.

        • I agree with you. Guns kill people only because of the people that are carrying them. Guns alone do not kill people. People kill people and people that have guns that accidentally kill people because they are not using safety measures. I do live in the United States. With some people, I feel safe that they have guns but with others, I do not feel safe because they have guns. It depends on the person that is carrying that gun. Taking guns away from people is not the answer to keep guns from killing people. The wrong people will still be able to get guns through black market and people that need to have guns for safety reasons will not have the means to keep themselves and others safe.

          • Oh, I agree. Some people know how to handle guns, or use them properly to hunt (a whole other issue). My landlady could panic and shoot someone accidently. Children get a hold of guns, and play with them, bring them to school and the story is usually tragic. Banning guns isn’t the issue so much as getting guns off the streets, making it tougher for people to obtain illegal guns, change some of the laws to force gun show dealers to stop shoddy paper work practices (of the mass shootings, the majority of weapons were purchased at gun shows), etc. Some thing has to be done, though, as every day now a cop gets shot, an unarmed person gets shot, a drive by shooting, and then times that by the # of places these things happen and I just want to cry.
            Sorry, I grew up in Canada where the hand gun laws (and rifle laws) are stricter. But even there, illegal hand guns are killing children.

          • You’re right about that. It needs to be tougher to obtain guns and certainly not from gun shows! Guns most definitely should be taken off the streets. And, children should never ever be able to get a hold of a gun. I hope someday this ideal will be realized.

  4. I love the story PJ well apart from the scary bits of it of cause. I used to be able to walk around at 5 as well, now not so much. The world has changed, but then again change is inevitable.

  5. What is happening to Man ? Why the hell do they play with guns ? Is it so simple to just shoot for no reason and take a Life ? These have all been taught to man from the Wars. Man was supposed to hunt for his food, not slay other men !!

  6. Sad state of affairs we’re in these days – I try to remain hopeful.

    Oh PJ! And at first I thought I’d missed something and that this was true for you~


    • No, this is a fictional story, Ellespeth. LOL! I do the same thing when I read some people’s stories. I think we need to be hopeful about our future. I try to be anyway. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Ellespeth.

  7. Well I was not expecting that! I’m reading Bangle Bay and the Beach and I’m enjoying it and the POW, he gets shot….YIKES! Well you’re always up before the crack of dawn anyways so driving him to work won’t be so bad…you might want to consider getting a bullet-proof car though!!! πŸ˜‰ Quite a thriller of a story PJ.

  8. It must be horrible to live in a world where you can’t even walk a short distance without fear of violence. Getting up at 5am is definitely worth it if it will keep him safe. Nicely done, PJ. πŸ™‚

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