FFfAW – Life

I sat in the waiting room staring at a picture hanging on the wall. It seemed so dark and dismal to me. I asked myself, “Why would they put such a dark picture on the wall of a hospital?”

My mother was in surgery and we waited impatiently for any news from the doctor. It felt like waiting for paint to dry.

Then it occurred to me. Of course! Everyone has dark moments in life and coming through those dark times makes us a better person. The picture stopped troubling me at that point.

Suddenly the doctor walked in,

“She is going to be okay,” he said, smiling.

Thank you Yarnspinner for our photo prompt this week!

My mother has been ill recently so I decided to write a story around her. (She didn't have surgery). But she is doing a little better.

This is my 108 word story for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. It's fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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68 thoughts on “FFfAW – Life

  1. “Then it occurred to me. Of course! Everyone has dark moments in life and coming through those dark times makes us a better person.”

    How true my dear. How true. Thank you for the positive and hopeful vibe dear one! Prayers for mommy! ❀

  2. A lovely story with an upbeat ending! I hope your mother gets well soon. It’s one of those pictures that can go either way – something like seeing a glass either half-empty, or half-full!

  3. Priceless, I hope your mother is doing much better. And maybe one of the tricks about that picture is that it makes people wonder about it….and by doing so helps divert the worries.

    • Thank you so much Mike! I appreciate your kind words. She is doing better however, she is 87 years old so we need to get her to be able to feed herself again and walk. Hopefully, she will be able to do these soon.

  4. Hi PJ. This was lovely though I just read a comment of yours over on Deb’s blog to say that your mother passed away. I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I lost my mum last August so I feel your pain. Sending you loving and peaceful thoughts. xo

  5. I wish I could say something to ease your grief other than how sorry I am to hear of your mother’s passing. But you’re in my thoughts, Joy, and hold tight to your memories of her and I hope that in time they will give you some comfort.

    • Thank you Tania. Unfortunately, she took a turn for the worse and passed away. We are having her funeral on Tuesday. I was so hoping when she started getting better she would continue to get better.

        • Thank you so much Tania. I appreciate your kind words. I haven’t been on the blogs except to respond to comments occasionally. We are busy preparing for her funeral Tuesday. It’s very hard to lose her.

          • I was wandering why you were quiet and I went on your blog to check if you had posted recently. No matter how old we get or how much we know that this will happen, I don’t think we are ever ready to lose a parent. I feel the pain for your loss. I hope she didn’t suffer too much and may her soul Rest In Peace. Take care PJ. Hugs

          • To be honest Tania, I am in shock. I thought she was getting better but she took a turn for the worse and passed away. I had made airline arrangements to go up and see her last week but she passed away before I could get there. She fell at the nursing home in February and never quite recovered from that fall. I hear that happens a lot to elderly people. Thank you so much for your kind and loving words!

          • Oh I’m so so sorry that you didn’t get to see her. But you are right I have a heard a lot of stories where elderly people fall and Never recover from that. My mum fell a few years ago too but fortunately she is doing ok, even though she now needs a walker. But it is terrible that you didn’t get to see her. That is one thing I fear all the time being so far away from my family, so I absolutely understand your feelings.

    • Thank you Tania. We had her viewing today and it was very sad but very nice. Tomorrow is the funeral and that will be hard. Thank you for checking in with me. Hugs!

  6. Wonderful take on that picture PJ. It’s quite an interesting pic, one half is dead and the other alive. I guess kind of like those in the hospital. I only wish your personal story had a happier ending, but your Mom’s all better now and smiling down upon you, feeling very proud! May she rest in peace. xo

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