My Day of Baking Bread

My friend came over today to teach me how to make bread. I have made rolls before but never loaves of bread.

After 8 cups of flour, 3 1/2 cups of water, salt, yeast, sugar, and butter we both had sticky bread dough up to our elbows.

After her bossy instructions of telling me I was kneading the dough wrong and showing me over and over again how to knead the dough, or that I needed to add more flour, or that I needed to add more water, or whatever it was I was doing wrong, I felt like taking that big lump of dough and putting an end to our friendship. But, I didn't, I just took the lumps along with the “instructions” and came out with two loaves of “fairly” beautiful bread.

I think I will continue buying my bread at the grocery store.