Bleeding My Emotions

When I first started my blog in the middle of November (right before Thanksgiving) I was as green as a person can be in starting my blog. Amid my confusion of putting this blog together (customize, name, etc.) I decided at the time the best name for my blog was “Someday I will Get This Write (Right)” because I was so confused and was literally learning by trial and error. Yet I knew this name was only going to be temporary.

Now I feel I have a grown a little on this site (at least I hope so). And I have changed the name of my blog to “BLEEDING MY EMOTIONS.” I chose this name to help me have the courage to bear my emotions on my blog and to write about past events that are all difficult for me to talk about, especially on a public forum. But I know the only way that I can do this is with all the love and support I have received from all you wonderful friends and bloggers that are following my blogs or at least reading them once in a while and leaving a sweet comment.

I believe it is you, dear friends and bloggers that are giving me the courage to post things that are uncomfortable for me to post; to literally, “bleed my emotions” into my posts — or future posts. As a result, I hope you will find them always inspiring, maybe sometimes comical, but most of all, I hope my stories enlighten you and make your life, even in a small way, a little bit brighter.

So.. for 2014, the Title of my blog is: BLEEDING my EMOTIONS