Rolling Posts

In response to my earlier post about scrolling posts on your “Like” comments page, Dave, with ParkInkSpot came to my rescue! Thank you Dave!

– Go into your blog's dashboard and find the up and down arrow icon.

– Click on this icon and select, Reading.

– In this page you will first select: “first page displays latest post.”

– Next, (on the same page) go to “Infinity and Beyond” and select “Scroll Indefinately.”

This should change your posts displayed as scrolling!

Did You Know…

Something you can do to draw more readers to your blog?…….

People that have been blogging for awhile more than likely already know this. So, I am posting this for the newer bloggers in WordPress that follow me.

If you will make the three posts that shows on the bottom of your posts “rolling” (having it use your three latest posts), it will help bring more readers to your blog.

When you “Like” someone else's blog, if the three posts that shows at the bottom of your “Like” are always the same posts, people will stop clicking on those posts to read them, because they will have already been read.

If you would like to bring more readers to your blog, I suggest you take advantage of this worthwhile tip.