Christmastime Television Commercials

Have you been watching Christmas movies this Christmas season? I recently noticed the frequency and length of commercials were more than any other time. So, I decided to watch a Christmas movie on the ABC Family Channel (soon to be known as FREEFORM) and time the length and frequency of the commercials.

6 minutes after the movie started there was a 4 minute commercial.

15 minutes later there was a 5 minute commercial.

10 minutes later there was an 8 minute commercial.

10 minutes later there was a 6 minute commercial.

5 minutes later there was a 7 minute commercial.

8 minutes later there was another 7 minute commercial.

This means the movie was 65 minutes long and the commercials all together were 40 minutes long. We, and our children, are being inundated with consumer brainwashing from network greed.

The stations that are doing this are going to be banned from my Christmas television viewing.

What are your views regarding Christmastime television commercials? Do the length and frequency bother you?


Do You Believe in Santa?

One year, several weeks before Christmas, my children and I were in the car getting ready to go Christmas shopping. My son was about six years old and my daughter was about three years old. Out of the blue, my son confidently said,

“Mommy, I know there isn't a Santa Claus. It's you and daddy.”

Saddened from hearing this and because I didn't want the Santa experience spoiled for my daughter, I quickly replied,

Oh really?” Did you know that when you stop believing in Santa, he stops coming?”

My son's eyes became huge and with complete sincerity, he promptly answered,


I have often wondered, why believe in Santa Claus?

When I was little, I loved believing this jolly, round man left me gifts under the Christmas tree. I always knew the true meaning of Christmas had nothing to do with Santa Claus, but to me, he was a wonderful old man that made Christmas “magical.”

I cherish all the memories of my children and their Santa Claus experience, just as I treasure my childhood memories of my Santa Claus experience.

Santa Claus ignites the fuel to our Christmas imagination with child-like magic, enchantment and joyful anticipation. Santa Claus teaches us the importance of giving and the fun of receiving. To me, he brings out the better part of ourselves. He brings out our child-like innocence.

Not believing in Santa was not an option in our home. So, if anyone asks me if I believe in Santa Claus, I will whole heartedly reply,



The Gift

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mystery Box.”

Sara switched the light on in our room causing the bright lights to explode my dream world and wake me from my blissful sleep.

“Wake up! Santa came. Your gift is here.” Sara yelled with glee, pointing to the shiny package near my bed.

I honestly didn’t think there would be gifts this year, it has been a difficult year for our parents. Sara still believes in Santa. I do not.

“Oh Sara, couldn’t you let me sleep just a little longer.”

“No! Mommy and daddy said to get up and open our gifts.”

I rolled off my bed dragging myself to the package. I was surprised. This was not either of my parents handwriting.

“Open me, if you dare.”

Sara watched me with joy and excitement. My own excitement was short-lived. Who wrote this and what did it mean?

“Open it Sally! It’s from Santa.”

My fingers tenderly tore the bright shiny paper off revealing a plain white box. Handwriting on the box wrote, “All you have to do is believe.”

“No, this couldn’t be right. There is no Santa. I don’t believe in him anymore.”

I slowly lifted the top off the box. Inside was the camera I had been wanting for so long.

“How did this get here? I told no one about wanting this camera.”

A big smile reached my lips, “I believe Santa. I believe.”


Christmas Twinkles

I am excited to present you with some beautiful photos of Christmas lights generously loaned to me from Ruchi, whose blog name is, ComeTravelAlong and the url is:

I will use several of these (at different times) as one of my Christmas Season headers.

Please take a moment and check out Ruchi’s awesome blog!

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New Christmas Header

THANK YOU to Dawn, whose blog's name is, Lingering Visions, for lending me a snazzy new Christmas photo for my new Christmas themed blog!

Also, a BIG thank you to everyone that offered to lend me a picture. THANK YOU!

Please check out Dawn's awesome blog:


Beautiful photos Dawn!! Thank you!



I have a request

I am looking for a Christmas themed photograph from any one who is feeling generous, to loan to me to use as the header on my blog from now until the end of December. If you don't mind sharing one of your photos with me, and don't mind having it cut down to fit my theme, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I would give you full credit for the photo. You will still “own” the image, and I would not make money from it any capacity.

Thank you for considering this. ūüôā

I Say, “Merry Christmas!”

In today's world many people no longer say, “Merry Christmas.” Instead, they choose to say, Happy Holidays, in order not to offend people. That makes me sad. But, they have the right to say “Happy Holidays” and I have the right to say, “Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas everyone!

For Christmas, Eaglerising brings a rendition of a beautiful song, Hallelujah.

“Hallelujah Christmas”—the-christmas-version-of-hallelujah/question-4117739/

This Lost Lamb (A Christmas Message)

I hate to admit it, but I am that terrible, horrible, disgusting sinner, that Jesus Christ had to come to this earth for. I am that person that rebelled against my parents, rebelled against my marriage, and rebelled against God. However, this is what really gets to me the most, God, through Jesus Christ, left his celestial paradise and came to this horrid sin-filled earth BECAUSE HE LOVES ME! I was that lost lamb that he came to earth to find and bring back to him. He was not willing to lose me to the wolves and other prey of this world that were getting their hold on me.

When I was at my worst and at my darkest time, believing I was beyong saving, my blessed Savior was still there for me. NO TO THE HELL FOR ME! Jesus Christ would have none of that! He was there to rescue me out of those evil jaws!

Something knocked me in the head and I repented and opened my eyes; and my life has not been the same since. (Thank you Jesus! Thank you God!)

Thank you Lord, for leaving your heavenly home to find me and bring me back to your safe and loving arms. Thank you for your precious Grace. Thank you for coming to this earth to rescue me from my sins. I now know your voice and I do not want to be anywhere else, except in your celestial kingdom with you for all eternity.


(Photo borrowed from Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest).