Extraordinary Language Translator

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a special power to be able to speak and understand any language in this world? If you could choose any language, other than your own, which would you choose? Well, I am a bit greedy in this matter because I want the ability to speak and understand ALL of them.

While I was contemplating this, I realized this may not be too far off the possibility scale. In time, I think there will be a “gadget” and software that will allow us to do just that. After all, who would have thought, in the 1700's there was going to be automobiles and airplanes? Or, in the 1800's there would such a thing as television and computers, or that we would put a man on the moon? Or in the early 1900's that we could actually be far away from a person and see them and talk to them at the same time? Obviously, someone imagined these ideas sometime in the past. As long as mankind is still on this earth, there will be many more wonderful and amazing inventions.

For this reason, I truly believe that someday we will all be able to understand one another no matter what country we live in or which language we speak. I can see it being part of our computers, iPads, Phones, and tablets. I can also see a headphone you can put on which hears the foreign language and translates it into your native tongue. When you communicate with the other person, you talk in your native tongue and their headsets will do the same for them. Who knows? Maybe it already has been invented but is being fine-tuned before release.

As with every new invention, it's first introduction is of a product that is large and bulky, but in time, it is fine-tuned into something that is streamlined and practically weightless. So will it be with this Extraordinary Language Translator.

Someday, when we are all outfitted with this gadget, you will remember this post and think, “Dang, she was right!” And I will be thinking, “Why in the hell didn't I patent that idea?”

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Neighbor from Hell

When I purchased my home and property, I had a 6' chain link fence put completely around my property. The reason for this, is I have always wanted a “living fence”. A living fence is when you have plants and vines that cover the fence and make it private and it looks beautiful.

When I did this, I did not even know my next door neighbors. After the fence was erected he let me know he wasn't pleased that I had errected a chain link fence instead of a privacy board fence. Of course, he didn't tell me this until the fence had already been erected and nor did he offer to pay for part of it.

After several years and the ivies had taken hold on the fence, he asked me why I wanted a chain link fence. I told him, “I have always wanted a living fence.” Apparently, this pissed him off and he put weed killer along the line of the fence on his side, which promptly killed all my ivies, roses, and other shrubs.

I expressed my anger to him about what he had done, and oddly, after that my shrubs, bushes and vines started being killed off. It was a very ugly mess and my the taste in my mouth of this person is very very bitter.

I had a beautiful Malmute watchdog and a friend came over to visit and caught him sticking a stick through the fence trying to hit my dog.

His daughters went out in front of my house on the street on July 4, and pointed all their fire works straight over into my yard. My dogs are terrified of fireworks. The next morning, I had to pick out the litter from the fireworks from inside my bushes, off the roof of my house, and every place you can imagine — inside my yard. I was fit to be tied.

When I watered “my fence”or what was left of my plants, their daughter would stand out there water and make fun of my watering skills.

They wouldn't pick up the dog waste from their dogs even though I asked them several time to do so. (They were causing a great deal of flies). They did nothing. I went and bought a nice super duper pooper scooper and put it over the fence to their side. They still wouldn't pick up their dog's waste.

One day he had his pit pull over into his yard and the pit bull climbed over his fence on the other side away from me. (The side that had a solid wood fence). He took that dog and stuck it into my yard. I went over and asked him to remove his dog. He didn't make a single move. I called his wife and told her what he had done and all she did was laugh. I went back over to my yard to try and get the dog out of my yard and the dog started growling at me. I went back over and asked him to come remove the dog, because it was growling at me. He then came over and got the dog out and then just released it to the streets to fend for itself. He literally dumped his dog on the streets.

Since all of this, I have called this family, “My Neighbors from Hell.”

They finally moved away, but they rent out their house. So unfortunately they come over to the house from time to time.

The moral of this story is, regarding the saying, “Fences Make Good Neighbors, in my experience, Fences DO NOT make good neighbors.

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Me Versus Household Tasks

Today's Daily Prompt today: What household tasks do I dislike doing the most? Why? Is it the task or something more?

Housework makes me think of the age old saying, “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

The first thing I hate doing the most is cleaning the bathrooms. I hate hate hate cleaning the bathrooms. They get done of course. Once I start the task of cleaning them it isn't so bad after all, but I still have a looming dread prior to the task.

The other household tasks, I really don't mind doing and most of the time, I am motivated in doing them. I want my home to be clean and fresh and even more so now that it is on the market.

However, this week for some reason, I have had some lack in motivation. On Monday of this week, I put my furniture polish and rag on top of my old television with the purpose of dusting. Today is Thursday and the polish and rag is still there (and I haven't dusted). This week I am procrastinating.





I think it is okay to procrastinate once in a while and give yourself a break. For me, it is like a pat on the back for ever doing housework at all.


I get wrapped up in, “What if someone comes over and sees dust on my furniture? Or, what if potential buyers come in and see dust on my furniture?”

GUESS WHAT!? THE WORLD WILL NOT END! With that in mind, I think I will simply do blogging today.

Besides, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?