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Every Saturday, I am dedicating a post for the purpose of introducing some of the bloggers that I follow. I enjoy following and reading these blogs and think you might enjoy them as well. Some of the blogs that I introduce are well established, while others are new bloggers in this WordPress Blogosphere. I only ask that you click on their links below and check out their blog.


Stormie Steele, author of “Stormie Steele,” a blog dedicated to Spiritual and Self Development, has recently published a book, “Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey.” Please take a look at her post, “Be the Gift.”

Be the Gift, “Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey”


Dr. Rohith Reddy, author of the blog, “My Life,” is a blog about his travel diaries. He recommends wonderful places to see, great places to eat, among a wealth of other travel information. Please check out his post,

Travel Diaries: Hongkong-My First Backpacking Trip – II”


naturelover, author of the blog, “Nature Lover,” is a WordPress blogger from Pakistan. In her post, “The City of Lively Hearts,” she tells us about her lovely city, Lahore.

“The City of Lively Hearts”


D.L. Jordan, new blogger and author of the blog, “The Hempstead Man,” shares Part I of a story he has written, “A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter One: The Beginning of Normal.” Check out part 1 of his story:

“A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter One: The Beginnings of Normal”


lbeth1950, author of the blog, “Nutsrok,” shares humorous stories about her 91 year old mother (with her mother's blessings). Want a good laugh? Check out her post, “Laughter and Life.”

“Laughter and Laugh”


joeyjoank, author of the blog, “In and Out of the Kitchen,” shares a tribute to the passing of her dear friend in her post, “So Long for Now.” Please read this beautiful and heartwarming post:

“So Long for Now”


RoJo, new blogger and author of the blog, “Fixing Rojo,” writes a post about his faith, “When I Lost My Faith.” Please read his story:

“When I Lost My Faith”



Ten Quote Tuesday Writing Prompt

Ten Quote Tuesday – Writing prompt: write a scene with a sports ticket, candle, discouragement, and drawing.

I thought I would have a little fun with this. Hope you enjoy. :o)


Adam stomped into the kitchen, throwing the tickets to tonight’s football game on the dining room table. His body movements alone assured me he was angry. The candle flame flickered widely from the moving air in the room and one of the wings of the bird on my ink drawing was ruined when he plopped down at the table and jarring it.

“Damn Adam! Look what you made me do!” I shouted, watching the flame on the candle flicker even more.

“What the hell is your problem?” He croaked, tapping his foot incessantly moving the table top. The air in the room becoming noticeably thicker.

“You messed up my drawing you birdbrain!” I shouted with livid anger.

Google Image

Then he started laughing; I jump up, grab the largest butcher knife in the kitchen. Just as I was aiming for him, there was a shout,

“Stop stop stop! We are cutting this part of the scene.”

“Oh hell!” I spit, “This was my favorite part,” throwing the knife at the director and laughing as I watched the rubber prop bounce off his head.


My Dream Letter

Dear Potential Future Husband,

I know you are reading this at this moment and you are looking for me. I am the woman of your dreams. Just ask my ex-husband. On second thought… DON’T.

For your information I will NOT do these tasks:

– I will not pick up your dirty underwear off of the floor. Please be advised if you throw it on the floor it will stay there. Make sure when you throw your underwear that it doesn’t stick to the wall. This could be bad.

– I will not put the cap back on the toothpaste for you. Make sure you do this every time you brush your teeth. Oh, and while you are at it, clean the @$ sink! I will NOT clean the sink after you have shaved or brushed your teeth.

These will be your duties:

– Put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket and on Saturday, take the clothes out of the laundry basket and put them into the washing machine. After the washing is finished, you put the wet clothes in the dryer. When they are dry, you F-O-L-D them and put them where they belong.

– Cooking. When you get home from work in the evenings, you will cook our dinner and then clean the dishes after the meal.

– Saturdays are the days you will clean the house. Every inch of it. If you insist, I will get you a Swiffer Sweeper. Be sure to empty the dust out of the vacumn cleaner after you have used it. And when you do, please do NOT get the dust all over the place.

In return:

– I will be nice to you and treat you respectfully.

– I will give you an allowance from your paycheck.

– You can go out with the “boys” one night a month but you must be home by 11:00pm.

For those interested, please apply within.

(Do not ask about sex. THAT is NOT in this contract).

Google Image

For Blogging 101 we are suppose to write a letter to our “Dream Reader.”

This is my letter. Of course, it is all written in fun, so men, please don’t apply. Really!



I just finished reading a delightful book, titled, “Strangeville,” by Kenneth Tingle.

Young John has lost his parents to tragedy and finds himself alone and in a dead-end job. He is on his way to commit suicide but finds that he has to “take a crap” first. He worries that if he kills himself, this bodily function will automatically happen and all the creatures of the forest would then come and eat his body. So, he changes his mind and goes back home.

His aunt, who has not talked to him in ten years calls him and invites him to come stay with them. He is happy to take their offer and sets out on a road trip to their home.

Along the way, John becomes lost and ends up in a town called Strangeville. This town is something “somewhat” similar to the lost city of Atlantis. Except this town is not only “off the grid” but is frozen in time. The 1950's to be exact. And the residents have no idea there is an “outside world” out there very different from their own.

Strangeville has a strange and hilarious way of conquering John's desire to die.

All those hillbilly's and hicks in this novel will capture your heart and your imagination as you are taken on a trip through Strangeville – the “Twilight Zone.”

I give this book five stars because I loved every minute of it.


More Wonderful Blogs!

Blog land is so wonderful! I feel like I am finding a treasure when I find great blogs to read. I especially love being able to comment on the blogs and interact with their writers. Some writers will interact and some don't.

I would like to present you with some more wonderful blogs on WordPress. If you haven't read them already, I urge you to read some of their blog posts:

A young wife and mother, Beauty Through Ashes, gives advice for relationships, marriage, mothering, and other topics that will interest a young woman, wife, mother, or others. Her wisdom is shared to help inspire and help others in their journey through young womanhood:

Curious Flowers, Linda Ghill, and Mark Bialczak are blogs on a variety of subjects. The authors shares their perceptions and thoughts of their daily life and other subjects in a unique and charming way:

This writer presents us with a story a day! His unique and often funny stories are enchanting and encourages us into deeper thought:

For those who like to read inspirational blogs, this writer shares her spirituality and love through her lovely and inspiring posts:

I am sure that my descriptions of their blogs have not given them enough credit. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.