I just finished reading a delightful book, titled, “Strangeville,” by Kenneth Tingle.

Young John has lost his parents to tragedy and finds himself alone and in a dead-end job. He is on his way to commit suicide but finds that he has to “take a crap” first. He worries that if he kills himself, this bodily function will automatically happen and all the creatures of the forest would then come and eat his body. So, he changes his mind and goes back home.

His aunt, who has not talked to him in ten years calls him and invites him to come stay with them. He is happy to take their offer and sets out on a road trip to their home.

Along the way, John becomes lost and ends up in a town called Strangeville. This town is something “somewhat” similar to the lost city of Atlantis. Except this town is not only “off the grid” but is frozen in time. The 1950's to be exact. And the residents have no idea there is an “outside world” out there very different from their own.

Strangeville has a strange and hilarious way of conquering John's desire to die.

All those hillbilly's and hicks in this novel will capture your heart and your imagination as you are taken on a trip through Strangeville – the “Twilight Zone.”

I give this book five stars because I loved every minute of it.


Beginners Luck & The One Arm Bandit

I had been to the Las Vegas, Nevado scene a few times with my husband. However, when casinos were put in near my home area I refused to go to to them.

Finally, my mother and sister talked me into going to one with them. So… one evening we decided to go to a casino about 60 miles away. I only took $25 to gamble with and was going to quit once that $25 was gone. (If you have never gambled, that is NOT very much).

At that time, the machines required “quarters” to play the quarter machines (unlike the ticketed ones today). I decided I was going to stay at one machine and my mother and sister decided to try different machines every few minutes.

After about an hour playing this machine, I finally hit a jackpot of $200. I was thrilled!! (Beginners luck). I let all those quarters run into my purse and I refused to cash them in. Instead, I quit gambling and started walking around with $200 worth of quarters in my purse. It was VERY heavy. I don't know why, but I refused to cash the quarters in at the Cashiers Window.

On the road trip back home all I could think of was, “I can quit my job and live off the casinos. I can make at least $200 a week”.. etc… etc….

Of course, the next time we went to a casino, I promptly lost my $25. And the next time… and the next time. Finally…. gone was the dream of living off of gambling winnings.

I now have learned my lesson. I think those machines have some sort of a “sensing” mechanism that detects the “newbies” in order to get us hooked into their “foxy” games “and sticky” fingers.

Slot Machines are truly ONE ARMED BANDITS. !!! R U N R U N R U N !!!!

http://Zero to Hero

DailyPrompt: Beyond the Pale

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?