To Want or Not to Want

Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath

Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything? ~ The Daily Post


Tell me what you think, is it possible to want everything or to want nothing?

If I said that I wanted everything would that make me greedy? If I were to get everything I wanted would I run out of things to want and therefore, want nothing?

If I wanted everything would that mean what I really want is not really ‘everything’ at all? What if I did get everything would that also mean all my deep inner needs would be obtained? Therefore, I would now want for nothing?

If I were to tell you that I wanted nothing, would you believe me? How can a person today not want something? Don’t we need to want for food and water in order to survive?

But if I had wanted everything and got everything, would there be nothing left to want? Would I then want for nothing?

What if I didn’t have much yet said I wanted nothing, would that mean I am happy with what I have? Or would you think me depressed and suicidal?

Is it even possible to not want anything at all?

Where do you think the danger lies? Or should Sylvia Plath keep her secret?












Grand Finale

What I wasn’t able to achieve for yesterday’s triumph photo I have (I think) achieved for today. I wanted to play with light in a visually attractive way, in particular, sun bursts.  I had to have a “little help from my friends.” (photo editors lol). It isn’t as grand as I would like for it to be but it will do for now. (Until I learn more).

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Photography 101 – Edges

I'm using an image that I also used in another assignment but made it B&W instead of color. I used the board planks of the bridge for straightening.

The same bridge at a different angle.

One tree, three trunks.

A little friend came to visit Sunday. LOL (I was surprised to see that a lady bug was still alive with the bitter cold weather we are having). I took her off my iPad and placed her on one of my potted plants (just in case there were any aphids and because I didn't want to put her outside to freeze. Now she can die of old age instead of freezing. Haha). Oh, And I did try to straighten the edge of my iPad but I can see that it is still crooked. Oh well.



Because I am not comfortable posting pictures of my children and grandchildren, my next treasure (besides my little dog) is this:

My husband and I purchased an old two story farmhouse on 18 acres in Mancos, Colorado forty years ago. This print was found hidden way in the back of the closet of our bedroom. My son had already been born, and a year later, my daughter was born. This has become a heirloom in my family. (Even though it may not have much monetary value, it does have great sentimental value).




Fleeting Moments

Our lives are made up of big events and tiny moments. Ultimately, life is fleeting, and oftentimes it’s these small moments we love to document.” Cheri Lucas Rowlands

These photos were taken this summer. I was pleased with how they turned out, especially because there were some of the first pictures I took with my camera. (Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ)

I included this photo because it is that “fleeting moment” of the orange hummingbird being in the process of running off the green hummingbirds from the feeder.