Thirteen years ago yesterday, January 1, my neighbor brought me this adorable little 6-7 week old puppy. She told me she found her running down the street and asked me if I would take her. I agreed and immediately began looking for her owners. (I also immediately took her to the vet and got her puppy shots). I went to each neighbor and she belonged to none of them. I even put an add in the paper and no one came forward to claim her. I came to the conclusion she had been “dumped.”

About 2 weeks after she came to my house, she came down with Parvo (a highly fatal canine illness). I took her to the vet and with proper medicine he was able save her – because she had gotten her shots.

Two years ago in November, my brother’s dog bit her in the eye and she ended up losing that eye.

This is my baby, Bria. She adopted me 13 years ago, yesterday.

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One Four Challenge December Week 1

I am participating in Robyn G's One Four Challenge for December 2014. If you are interesting in joining this challenge, check out Her blog's name is “Captivate Me.”

This is the url to her post for December (I think because I had to guess):

This is an image I used earlier in my Photogrophy 101 class. This photograph was taken a short distance from my home. I chose it because of the “southwest” theme of the image.

For my editing, I used, “Aviary”. These are my edits for this image:

1) Enhanced as a Portrait to give it a soft look.

2) Full Color Saturation.

3) Blurr effects on background.