Signs of Spring

March 1st brings a special warmth, even if it is cold. It tells me that spring is just peeking around the corner, waiting for the perfect time to spring (pun intended).

After a long winter of bitter cold, shorter days, and spending too much time inside, I'm ready for the lilacs blooming, leaves budding and flowers peeping up from the ground. I'm ready to see the sun for a bit longer during the day. I'm ready for all the happy sounds and delightful sights of spring



Southwest Spring

Today I will officially drag my water hoses out of storage and begin watering my outdoor plants. It is actually a little early but the weather has been too nice to ignore the signs of spring.

My Forsythia is now in bloom. It would be much prettier had we had our normal spring rains.

Hopefully this year, my lilacs will bloom in full glory as well as my Queen Ann's Lace and my other flowering bushes.

I love spring. I love when the trees start budding out their leaves and all the glorious colors of the flowers and flowering bushes brilliantly awaken from their long winter's sleep.

Today, I am going to go outside and sprinkle “angel drops” (aka water) on my sleeping plants.

Are you preparing for spring and summer? How?


SPRING is Coming Soon!

This is the very first bush in my yard that blooms preparing for the oncoming Spring Season. This year it bloomed a wee bit early. When this bush blooms it is bright yellow; quite a contrast next to all the other plants that are still dormant and dead looking. These blooms (to me) are always a promise that Spring will be here soon. That makes me happy.