Two Black Cats

Two black cats and it's almost Halloween!

Last night my cousin who lives about 2,000 miles away, called me. She was very concerned about her daughter's cats being abandoned two months ago, when she and her boyfriend moved to Houston, Texas. These poor cats were left to defend for themselves and depend on themselves.

Truthfully, I do not know her daughter. I think I met her once many years ago, but that's about it. I do know that she and her boyfriend are both drug addicts.

Now back to my story. I went over to their abandoned house this morning fully expecting these two cats to be long gone. To my surprise, and heartache, they were both sitting in front of the house waiting for their owner to come home.

I brought a can of tuna fish and two bowls, which I placed out for them. They attacked this meal with great vigor, so they both were obviously starving.

While the larger of the two was eating, I picked him up to put him in my carrier. He struggled and escaped from me and I was no longer able to get even remotely close to him.

I decided to go ahead and leave quite a bit of dry food for them that would last few days, and come back and try again on another day. I knew they would need to get comfortable with me and that might take some time.

On my way home, and feeling a little forlorn, I realized I had forgotten to leave them water. So I returned in order to leave them some water.

The smaller of the two cats, who was eating the dry food, allowed me to approach her. I was able to pick her up and put her in the pet carrier and bring her home.

In a few days I will go back and hopefully, be able to capture Big Boy (don't know what he was named).

Little Girl (I don't know what she was named) is hiding under the bed as far back as she can get. She has allowed me to pet her and she has returned the affection. (I think she might be more afraid of my little dog than she is of me and why she might be hiding).

I don't understand why people will abandon their animals. I will never be able to understand this, because personally, I think it is cruel.

How do you feel about people abandoning their pets?