Old 1947 Buick

Although I don’t know if that was the year or the make of her car, I do know it was old and manufactured prior to 1950. It was a dark green color but much of the paint was worn off and showed the rusty color underneath.

Every summer I would go to my grandmother’s and spend the summer with her. Often, my cousin who was close to my age, would join me. This story is about my grandmother, her old car, my teenage self, and my teenage cousin.

One particular summer, after I had obtained my drivers license, my cousin and I were at my grandmother’s home and like 100% of teenagers, we were bored. I finally got the courage to ask my grandmother if we could take her car to the Dairy Queen and get an ice cream. She agreed and asked us not to be gone long and to be careful.

What she wasn’t aware of was that the Dairy Queen, in this particular town, was the “hang out place” for all the teenagers. WhooHoo! We were free to go, had a car (even though it was older than dirt) and the okay to go where all the teenagers of this town go, THE DAIRY QUEEN!

As soon as we pulled up to the Dairy Queen, about four boys (who we had never met in our life) piled into our car. We were teenage girls and the boys were cute, do you think we minded? Heck no! We were having fun talking to these cute boys and sitting at the dairy queen when a voice came over the loudspeaker paging me! What? Why am I being paged?

I went to the window and they handed me the phone. (This was way before cell phones). It was my grandmother and she was mad! We had lost track of time. So, we scurried our little butts home. (Fortunately, she wasn’t too mad).

Oh, and did I tell you that the car wouldn’t go over 20 miles per hour?


I wrote out a lot of different prompts (mostly single words) and put them into a box so that I could pull one out once a week and write a story about the prompt that had been selected. The story could either be fiction or non-fiction. Today, I pulled out the prompt, “Old 1947 Buick.” This particular story is non-fiction.