All Grown Up

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All Grown Up.”

My son was born in a small hospital in a tiny town in eastern Colorado. My husband taught at the high school.

When my labor pains first began, I called the school so they could alert my husband because we lived way out of town. When I first went to the hospital I can truthfully say that my labor pains weren’t that bad. In fact, I was put in the same room as a woman who had just had gallbladder surgery. (They didn’t have a labor room). She kept telling me that she would rather have a baby than gallbladder surgery.

By that evening my pains were excruciating and the woman in the next bed had changed her mind and decided she would rather have gallbladder surgery than have a baby.

Back then there wasn’t spinal blocks for pain. They said they gave me pain medicine but I honestly couldn’t tell they had. For two more days I was in excruciating pain and hard, difficult labor. After three days of labor, my husband told the doctor that if our baby wasn’t born within two hours he demanded the doctor do a C- Section. The doctor had told us that he didn’t do C-Sections because the first baby was always the hardest and after the mother delivers the first baby, the following babies would be easier. (Actually, I think he was a quack).

After another hour and a half the doctor wheeled me to the delivery room and delivered him with forceps.

There are no words to describe the feeling you have the moment you have no more of that incredible pain. (angels softly singing) ~Heavenly~

There is one thing for sure, after that ordeal, I felt like a grown-up. A very, very exhausted grown-up, and that was only the beginning…