Ten Things I Love and Hate

My friend, Frederick, with the blog, FredtotheRick, nominated me for the Ten Things I Love and Hate. The rules are simple.

1. Write out ten things I love

2. Write out ten things I hate

3. Nominate ten people (and notify them).

4. Have fun with it.


1. I love hummingbirds! LOL (Are you surprised?)

2. I love most animals, however reptiles are another matter….

3. I love people that take care of their animals.

4. I love my on-line friends.

5. I love artsy type stuff.

6. I love beautiful spring days.

7. I love my little Bria puppy

8. I love my family.

9. I love flowers – especially when in my yard.

10. I love a hot cup of coffee with cream in the morning.

11. I love cocoa and toast. LOL (Couldn’t leave this one off!)


1. I hate to see dogs chained up.

2. I hate it when people don’t take care of their animals.

3. I hate seeing people treat others badly and/or their animals badly.

4. I hate politicians that win on the promises they make and then don’t keep them.

5. I hate it when people treat me badly.

6. I hate dirty restrooms (I won’t use them).

7. I hate people who lie, steal, vandalize or commit sex offenses.

8. I hate that my beloved cat was stolen from me.

9. I hate it when I can’t remember something I need to remember.

10. I hate it when I stick my foot in my mouth.

Because so many have already participated in this challenge, I have decided to open my nominations to those who have not yet been nominated. Write out Ten Things you Love and Ten Things you Hate and follow the 4 rules above.

So, if you are reading this, consider yourself nominated and notified. It is a great challenge and I hope you will accept this nomination and participate and. . . HAVE FUN!



Random Moments of Delight

ZerotoHero Challenge Day 24: In response to the challenge for today, I decided to add another blogging event to my blog. This is the second event that I have chosen.

If you are interested in joining this event, please click on the photo below.

Or, if you prefer, choose an event that you are interested in by visiting: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ and go into Blogging Events.



IMG_9326Start Date: Sunday, recurring weekly

Description: This challenge is about sharing moments of delight with each other each week. It could be a photograph, or a description; a video or a poem; a short story or essay, or a combination. Then link up here so we can share in each other’s happy moments.

The rules are simple:

1. In a new post share a treasured moment from your week and “illustrate” it with a photograph, description, poem, short prose, short video, whatever genre fits your moment. If it is visual (photo or video), please tell us why it was special to you.

2. Put a link back to my challenge that week so others may take part if they wish. If you’d like to use the badge, please do.

3. Please use the address of your POST, not your blog, in the linky. Be polite to others so we don’t have to look all over for your post.

The challenge begins on Sunday, but will stay open through Thursday, and a new one will begin the following Sunday. I chose Sunday to set us up for a wonderful week of looking for Random Moments of Delight!

Organizer: Firebonnet

Full Event Details


Frankly, many of us have days that are filled with stress, disappointments, and the struggles we individually face each and every day. What a wonderful thing to stop and write a blog post about “delightful” things we encounter during the week? Maybe it sounds cheesy to some, but to me, it sounds like a refreshing break from the every day.

Now, to finish my zerotohero challenge for the day, I will visit other participants of the events I have chosen. I hope to see you participating with me!

I wish you much success in your writing and blogging.

Visit: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ to find Blogging Events you are interested in