Passion: My First Crush

I remember my first big crush. I thought I was so in love with him, but he hardly ever even gave me a second look. He had graduated from high school and I was just beginning high school. I met him through mutual friends. He worked at a major shoe store chain and I would drag my friends with me to go see him at his store. (I am pretty sure now that I came across as a young annoying high school girl chasing him, which was true).

My school notebooks were filled with his name; John. I wrote John all over the front of my school binders. I wanted so much for him to pay attention to me and fall madly in love with me. John, John, John. I dreamed about John. I become completely consumed with John.

I hoped, I wished, I prayed, I made my presence known. I hung out at the store where he worked as much as possible.

Finally! He asked me out for a date. I was on cloud nine. It was my dream come true! I could hardly wait! I climbed into his truck not knowing where we were going for our “date.” To my dismay, he took me to high school kegger (kegs of beer) at “the river”. This “keg party” was full of kids all of whom were inebriated. I don't drink, so I was fully sober. There were only two dirt roads going into the camp from the highway.

Suddenly, with no warning, four police cars came roaring into the kegger camp with their siren and lights exploding; two police cars coming in from each of the two roads. All the kids were blocked in and unable to drive away (which was a good thing). Kids were running in all directions trying to get away. I found a large bush and climbed into the middle of it and stayed perfectly still and quiet. I heard kids screaming. I heard kids being put into the police cars. I heard a lot of confusion happening.

Finally, the area became very quiet. The police were long gone with the ones that had been caught. They were on their way to the police station. There, the police would call their parents to come get them. Only a few were left behind, and I was one of those few. I crawled out of my hiding place and finally found John.

Sadly, this was my “dream” date with my “dream boy” John.

He never asked me out again.

But I was okay with that.

After all, John was fickle.

Do you remember your first crush? Or your first love? If so, please share!