Golden Silence

DP Challenge – The Sounds of Silence

Why is it so quiet? There are no sounds at all, only silence. Absolute silence. Deafening silence. Yet, inside my head, I hear these horrible torturous screams. Oh my God, the screams, I cannot stand the screams. “WHY, WHY MUST I HEAR THESE SCREAMS!? WHY!? SSTTTOOOPPPPP!!

And the screaming stops. Ooooohhhh, My head is pounding! Oh My God! The screams have become moans. Agonozing moans of excrutiating pain. Moans pleading, reaching, grabbing, for relief, any relief from the horendous pain. “OHHH MMYYYY GODDDDD HEEEELLLLPPPP MEEEE!!!” The voices moan. OH THE MOANING, WHY MUST I HEAR THIS, WHY!? Dear God make it stop. STOP! PLEASE STOP!

The sound of a child whimpering. How can that be? It is silent. Everything is silent but I can hear the cries of a child, “Mommy.. Mommy..” The sounds of people moaning, “OOOHHHH GODDDDD HEELLLP MMEEE! OOOOHHH DDDEEEAAAARRR GGGODDDD MY BABY! HHHEEEELLLLPPP MMMMYYY BBAAABBBBY.”


Terrible groans of pain and suffering. Deep hideous moans of severe and horrendous pain and undescribable suffering. Salty tears flow burning their path on my cheeks. ''DEAR GOD! PLEASE MAKE THIS GO AWAY! PLEASE MAKE IT GO AWAY! IIII CCCCAAAANNN NNOOOTTT SSSTAAANDDD ITTT!!” PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!

S I L E N C E.

Pictures of acrid smell of fleshing burning, blood, bodies, limbs, so much pain and horror inside a huge cloud of black smoke run through my mind.. Too much blood. My confused mind can not turn those horrible pictures off. SSSTTTTOOOOPPPP!!!

More screams. More moans. My mind can still hear the screams; still hear the moans, even through the Silence.


Two women walk into my room. I think they are nurses. They are dressed somewhat like nurses. One of the women puts something into the IV that is running into a vein in my arm. The other woman walks over to me. She is talking, but I can not hear the words. WHY CAN'T I HEAR? I MUST STOP THESE SCREAMS! I MUST STOP THIS PAIN! I try fixing my eyes on her lips. I watch, shaking from pain, as she moves her mouth. The first word she forms, “deaf.” The next word, “bombing.” Then she formed the words, “both legs.” Lastly, she formed the word, “Afghanistan.” She gently strokes my cheek and smiles at me with a gentle and caring smile. This sweet touch conflicts with the chaos inside my mind. The fear and pain overwhelms me, I pant trying to get air into my lungs and my hands are trembling. This must be a bad dream. This cannot be true.


The medicine slowly and silently enters into my bloodstream; relieving the pain, comforting the fear, soothing the screaming and moaning. I drift slowly and silently into the clouds. My body relaxes as it accepts this liquid into my bloodstream.

You and I, sweetheart, are walking through a meadow sprinkled with brilliant yellow wildflowers that are gently swaying in the breeze. The breeze stirs my hair and tickles my nose. In front of us are the huge beautiful snow capped Rocky Mountains. The sun is snuggled behind the puffy white clouds as the rays of light, like fingers, penetrate the deep blue sky. We are together, finally together. You are smiling and I am happy. We travel this beautiful journey together, in silence, in wonderful, tranquil silence, just you and me.

Until the screaming begins again.



My Funny Valentine

My Dearest Darling,

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and will be, or would have been, our 65th Wedding Anniversary. Every year at this time of year, I reminisce about the 51 wonderful years we had together. (Rather, 51 wonderful years we would have had together if I had not caught you sleeping with that slut woman! And right under my nose, you dog!). And, every year, at this time of year, I write you a letter. Tomorrow, I will place this letter with all the other letters, with your remains.

Remember darling how much in love we were when we got married? (Yes, I know daddy told you to marry me or else he would give you a job at the car lot?). But you told me you loved me and I certainly loved you because I was pregnant. (Don't you remember telling me that if I loved you I would sleep with oh, nevermind).

Oh that wonderful day when little John was born. He was such a beautiful baby. (Yes, I know you said he looked just like Frankie, your best friend you). And he was such a good little boy. (Except for the time he peed all over your shoes in the closet and set your pants on fire). But you took it well (after you screamed at him you were going to KILL punish him).

Next came our little girl, Cheryl and another little boy, Charles. You loved being their father and would give them piggy back rides (after I stole your car keys so you couldn't leave).

Now the kids have all grown up and moved away. I know you said you wouldn't would miss them. I miss them too. They still don't know you have passed away. I lied to told them you ran off with that slut other woman and I haven't seen hide nor hair of you.

Little do they know you are just a worthless bag of bones in the attic along with a bunch of hateful loving letters.


Your Funny Valentine

Your Crazy Wife