Team Flash Fiction Chain #6 Part 3

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Part 1: Sona

Part 2: Yinglan

Part 3: Priceless Joy (This post).

All characters in the story up to this point:

The Wedding Bells – Part 3

Anna Brighton – 32 year old publisher, CEO and owner of publishing company

Alex Burns – a well established author and Anna’s childhood friend

Jenny – Anna’s personal secretary

Melissa Doyle – Anna’s neighbor and close friend

Harrison – Melissa’s Fiancé’ but only “just” introduced into this part.


Anna’s eye grew huge when she saw Alex standing at her front door next to Melissa.

“Alex! Oh my God, what are you doing here?”

Alex laughed and grabbed Anna’s hand into his own, “Anna, Anna, my dear, Is this how you greet an old friend?”

“Oh my God, Alex, you are the last person I expected to see today, but.. I just… Oh, really I am happy to see you, please come in!”

Melissa followed Alex into Melissa’s parent’s beautiful home. Alex looked around mesmerized at the stunning home, feeling reluctant to step a foot on the magnificent marble floor.

“Anna, this home is beautiful! Is this where you grew up? No wonder you are a successful publisher.”

Anna blushed and guided her friends to the sun room to enjoy tea and tea cakes. Ann’s heart was beating furiously. Was she happy to see Alex? What was this odd feeling she was feeling? Is this love? Before she realized it she had mouthed the words, “No! It is not, I cannot!”

“What? What is the matter love?” Melissa gasped and grabbed Anna’s hand. “Is something wrong? Are you not going to be my maid of honor?”

Anna exuded a sigh of relief, Melissa had just saved her from a very embarrassing moment.

“I would love to be your maid of honor Melissa but I don’t have a dress.”

Melissa responded excitedly, “Oh, is that all it is! You scared me for a moment Anna. I have a dress and it will fit you perfectly! It will be perfect for you to wear to the wedding.”

Alex smiled and his dark brown eyes twinkled as he looked into Anna’s beautiful green eyes. Anna felt herself melt inside and it felt to her like a feather was tickling inside her stomach. “Why am I feeling this way?” She thought to herself, being careful not to let out any more of her thoughtful secrets. She brushed the thought away because she didn’t have time for a lover. She didn’t have time for anything but her publishing company and she didn’t want to ruin her business relationship with this talented and popular author, even if he is an old friend. She knew she had to keep her feelings a secret, just in case she was falling in love with him. She was not going to allow herself this luxury.

Alex broke the reverie of her silence, “Anna, Melissa has asked me to be part of the wedding party. She would like for me to walk you up the aisle to the front of the church and stand with you. Are you agreeable to this arrangement?”

Anna’s thoughts were swirling inside her head where she had been caught off guard with all of this.

“Of course Alex, I would be honored to have you walk me to the front of the church.”

Melissa started clapping her hands with happiness. “I am so happy this is going to work out perfectly after all. Thank you Anna and Alex for saving my wedding from becoming a disaster.”

Anna suddenly remember the previous maid of honor, and asked, “Why is your original maid of honor not able to be in the wedding party?”

Melissa looked thoughtful then replied, “She broke her ankle while hiking. She fell down a short cliff and twisted it.”

Alex laughed jovially and added, “Thank God Anna is here and you don’t need to be worried about not having the perfect wedding now.” He grabbed Anna’s hand and smiled at her.

“Anna, I just thought of something! You and Alex look perfect for each other. Why don’t you two get married with me and Harrison?”

Anna almost choked on her tea. Trying to keep from choking, Anna replied, “Melissa, stop being so silly. Alex and I are just friends.”

Trying to change the subject, Anna turned to Alex and asked, “Where are you staying Alex?”

Alex, trying not to look embarrassed, sheepishly replied, “I am going to get a room at the hotel on Main and 7th Street.”

“Nonsense!” Anna retorted. “This house is huge and there are plenty of empty bedrooms. You can stay here. My parents will be delighted.”

Looking at Melissa then to Anna, Alex agreed. “All right then, if you are sure it won’t inconvenience you or your family, I will be pleased to stay in this beautiful home.”

Mellisa excitedly added, “Oh Alex, you will love it! This home has special powers.”

Both Anna and Alex looked at Melissa with shocked expressions. “What are you talking about Melissa? “

Melissa smiled mischievously, “Oh, just something I heard years ago. Never mind it.”

Anna demanded, “No, I won’t never mind it. What is it that you heard!?”

“Just..just… that cupid’s spirit resides in this home.”

“Oh, hogwash Melissa! Where do you come up with these silly trivial imaginings!?”

Alex looked down at the floor trying to hide the smile that had crossed his lips.


What is this “spirit of Cupid” that Melissa was talking about? Could it be true and if it is, will Cupid’s arrow hit its mark? What will happen now that Anna and Alex will be staying under the same roof for three days? Will Melissa’s wedding be perfect after all or not….? What is in the future for Anna and Alex? Stay tuned for part 4 by:

The Traveling Hat

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Flash Fiction Chain #5 – Jithin of PhoTraBlogger

This is my first attempt at Flash Fiction being written in a continuous Chain.

This Flash Fiction, titled, Toy Soliders, is being written by a motley of some fabulous writers. These are the writers that are contributing to this story:

Part 1: Written by Abirami

Part 2: Written by Sona

Part 3: Written by Yinglan with “Hidden Stars Fiction”

Part 4: Dr. K.O.

Part 5: Austin

Part 6: Phaena

Part 7: “Itchy Quill”

Part 8: Priceless Joy with “Beautiful Words.”

Our galant host is Jithin with “PhoTraBlogger”.

Part 1by Abirami

Part 2 by Sona

Part 3 by Yinglan

Part 4 by Dr. KO

Part 5 by Austin

Part 6 by Phaena

Part 7 by Itchy Quill


The Story Characters are as follows:

Protagonist: Rick: No so ordinary boy, 10 years old

Jenna: Social Services employee

Jack: Jenna’s Boss (introduction into this scene).

Mrs. Montgomery: Foster Mother to 13 children and her only child, a son.

Jake: Mrs. Montgomery’s only child, a son.

Sun (Sunne): “The” Monkey

*** Elaborated Characters ***


Mesa (boy) 14 years old; Toro (boy) 12 years old; Wheeze (boy) 8ish years old.

Table 2:

Danus (boy) 11 years old; Makaya & Kumba (boys and twins) 7 years old.

Moses (boy) 6 years old.

Table 3: Marilyn (girl) 11 years old; Britney (girl) 8 years old; Kanya (girl) 6 years old.

The Tiny Toy Soldier Part 8 Fiction Chain #5

From part 7:

The phone answered with a click. It was a man’s voice on the other end.

“Jack, it’s happening.”


“Where are the kids?”

“I don’t know. They aren’t here. No one is here. And, there is a half eaten banana on the floor.”

“The kids could have left that there.”

“No. I don’t think so. The place is a complete mess. They all had a food fight. You know as well as I do what that means.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Don’t leave. You need to be there if someone comes home.”

Just as the phone clicked, Jenna heard the sound of the door knob turning. The place was thick with dread and fear. When the door squeaked open, Jenna about jumped out of her shoes.

As the door opened, there stood Mrs. Montgomery,

“Oh my Dear God. What has happened here?” She dropped her bag of groceries on the floor and covered her mouth with her hand in stunned silence.

“Mrs. Montgomery, where have you been? I went to the Post Office looking for you? How could you just leave the kids like this?”

“I…I’m..I’m sorry. I didn’t want to tell you that our power got shut off. I went to the church to get a payday loan to tide us over until my next check comes in. I… I just didn’t have the heart to tell the children that was where I was going. Please tell me. What is going on here?”

“Mrs. Montgomery, I don’t have time to tell you right now. I need to go find those children right now. It is very important. Jack is on his way here. Please keep him here until I get back.”

“I’ll make a pot of coffee and start cleaning this mess up. Oh Jen, I just don’t understand… her voice trailing off.

“Mrs. Montgomery, it’s that monkey again and at this point that is all we know. I don’t have time to explain right now. You just have to trust me.

“Jenna, please be careful and please bring me my babies back safe and sound.”

Those words had barely left Mrs. Montgomery’s mouth before Jenna ran out the door and headed for the jungle……

Part 8: Beautiful Words

Part 9: