Another Star in Blogland! Update!!

Sorry, I had put the wrong url to link to his blog. Please try it now.

For your reading pleasure, I am introducing a blog that I have been reading and enjoying.

This blog is about a young man's experiences of “life after college.” (And during college and before college…) His writing is fresh, brilliant, and funny. I asked him to describe his blog:

The Brantley Blog: In the eyes of the law, we reach adulthood the day we turn 18 years old. God help anyone who actually believes that. One guy's embarrassing tales of learning things the hard way on the way to becoming a grown up.”

In my opinon it is much more than that. His “Brantleyisms” (and disclaimers) are personal quotes drawn from his “young male living life” wisdom. His posts are a mixture of humor and his exploration of deeper thoughts. In his words, “I'm not exactly sure where blogging will take me. I just hope that it's somewhere just as enriching and enjoyable as the path I've traveled so far.”

Please check out his blog: