Scarey Story of Two Foolish Girls

Vicki, my best friend in the 9th grade was one of those friends that when we got together we could innocently get ourselves in all types of trouble. She was a fun person and loved excitement. I was just drawn to her personality like a magnet and we became the best of friends.

During the early summer between our 9th and 10th grade, she and her family moved to Denver, Colorado.

It was a sad and boring summer for me until I was finally able to fly to Denver at the end of the summer to visit her. Unfortunately, when I got there she was “grounded” over something she did, so we were “house bound”. Therefore, we knew if there was any chance that we could get out of the house, we were going to have fun and make the best of it.

One evening, we were able to get her parents to allow us to go to Elitches, a theme park in Denver. We were thrilled! Finally, freedom! What could we do to have the most fun and take advantage of this one and only chance? Putting our 15 year old minds together, we decided to try and meet some boys. We decided we would sneak out of her house and have them come and pick us up. (Did our safey ever cross our minds? Not even for a second! So foolish! Typical fifteen year old girls).

We ran into a couple of “nice” boys and they agreed to pick us up right after midnight. We were so excited!

The “bewitching” hour came and very carefully, we proceeded to sneak out of her bedroom window. Great! Sneaking out accomplished! (Her parents had no idea).

The boys picked us up and immediately took us to a haunted house. The house looked very similar to this one. Why they chose a haunted house, I have no idea. However, we didn't care. We had our freedom!

We just parked in front of this haunted house and sat there and visited with each other. No kissing and no hanky panky.

Vicki decided to get out of the car and check out the haunted house. I wasn't about to, so I just stayed in the car. After a few minutes, she and her friend came back to the car and we asked them to take us home.

Fortunately for us, they agreed and took us back to Vicki's house.

Just as soon as we got out of the car to sneak back into her house, they started honking their horn and yelling, “YOUR DAUGHTER HAS JUST BEEN RAPED!!” (Not true). Why they did this I don't know because neither one of them tried to take advantage of us. (Thank God!) Maybe they were just teaching us a lesson.

We started running as fast as we could. While we were still running we jumped in through her bathroom window and got into bed as fast as we could. We were terrified!!

As soon as we were in bed and the covers were over us, her bedroom door flew open and her dad was standing there checking on us. Apparently he had heard all the commotion outside. He was satisfied that we were fast asleep and closed the door again.

Whew! That was a close one!

When I think back to this adventure of ours, I can't believe what foolish girls we were.

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