Ten Things I Love and Hate

My friend, Frederick, with the blog, FredtotheRick, nominated me for the Ten Things I Love and Hate. The rules are simple.

1. Write out ten things I love

2. Write out ten things I hate

3. Nominate ten people (and notify them).

4. Have fun with it.


1. I love hummingbirds! LOL (Are you surprised?)

2. I love most animals, however reptiles are another matter….

3. I love people that take care of their animals.

4. I love my on-line friends.

5. I love artsy type stuff.

6. I love beautiful spring days.

7. I love my little Bria puppy

8. I love my family.

9. I love flowers – especially when in my yard.

10. I love a hot cup of coffee with cream in the morning.

11. I love cocoa and toast. LOL (Couldn’t leave this one off!)


1. I hate to see dogs chained up.

2. I hate it when people don’t take care of their animals.

3. I hate seeing people treat others badly and/or their animals badly.

4. I hate politicians that win on the promises they make and then don’t keep them.

5. I hate it when people treat me badly.

6. I hate dirty restrooms (I won’t use them).

7. I hate people who lie, steal, vandalize or commit sex offenses.

8. I hate that my beloved cat was stolen from me.

9. I hate it when I can’t remember something I need to remember.

10. I hate it when I stick my foot in my mouth.

Because so many have already participated in this challenge, I have decided to open my nominations to those who have not yet been nominated. Write out Ten Things you Love and Ten Things you Hate and follow the 4 rules above.

So, if you are reading this, consider yourself nominated and notified. It is a great challenge and I hope you will accept this nomination and participate and. . . HAVE FUN!