Beginners Luck & The One Arm Bandit

I had been to the Las Vegas, Nevado scene a few times with my husband. However, when casinos were put in near my home area I refused to go to to them.

Finally, my mother and sister talked me into going to one with them. So… one evening we decided to go to a casino about 60 miles away. I only took $25 to gamble with and was going to quit once that $25 was gone. (If you have never gambled, that is NOT very much).

At that time, the machines required “quarters” to play the quarter machines (unlike the ticketed ones today). I decided I was going to stay at one machine and my mother and sister decided to try different machines every few minutes.

After about an hour playing this machine, I finally hit a jackpot of $200. I was thrilled!! (Beginners luck). I let all those quarters run into my purse and I refused to cash them in. Instead, I quit gambling and started walking around with $200 worth of quarters in my purse. It was VERY heavy. I don't know why, but I refused to cash the quarters in at the Cashiers Window.

On the road trip back home all I could think of was, “I can quit my job and live off the casinos. I can make at least $200 a week”.. etc… etc….

Of course, the next time we went to a casino, I promptly lost my $25. And the next time… and the next time. Finally…. gone was the dream of living off of gambling winnings.

I now have learned my lesson. I think those machines have some sort of a “sensing” mechanism that detects the “newbies” in order to get us hooked into their “foxy” games “and sticky” fingers.

Slot Machines are truly ONE ARMED BANDITS. !!! R U N R U N R U N !!!!

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DailyPrompt: Beyond the Pale

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?