One Word Photo Challenge: Taupe

This week for our One Word Photo Challenge, Jennifer Nichole Wells' has given us the word challenge, “Taupe.”

We are to post an image (or images) that reflects this word.

If you are interested in participating in this challege, go to Jennifer's url for more information:

The photos below are my interpretation of the word, Taupe.

This is one handsome boy!

I met this beautiful dog and his owner at the dog park recently. I asked the owner if I could photograph him and he generously accepted. The owner was posing the dog as I was taking the pictures. The dog wouldn't take his eyes off of his master.

Isn't he gorgeous!







This week for One Word Photo Challenge, Jennifer Nichole Wells, a photography artist, has challenged us to post a photograph that refers to the word, Eminence.

My on-line dictionary defines Eminence as: high station, rank, repute; a high place or part; a hill or high elevation; height. (Something that is held in high honor).

I selected my photo because it is a stained glass lamp I hold in “high honor.” (In fact, I have used it as my header picture in my blog).


If you would like to join this challenge, please go to Jennifer's blog post: