Play with Light 2

Since the video didn't work I thought I would try this. The assignment for the weekend is to play with light.

In this first collage, I have taken some of my assignment photos and photo edited them. I hope you like them.

In this collage, I went to the river to try and get some interesting photos. I came across a duck and two young boys that were willing participants in my photographing. The boys had a ball posing for me, and the duck didn't mind me shooting him at all. (With a camera, that is).






Play with Light

Photography 101 – Play with Light – Second Weekend

Today I went to the river to try and get some interesting photographs. Our weather was overcast so there wasn't much sun. A duck and two young boys were willing subjects today. (The boys were having a ball posing for me – and the duck didn't seem to mind me taking his picture at all). The other photos are from challenges past.

I hope this video works and you enjoy it.





Photography 101 – Day 7 Challenge – Landmark

For my landmark photos today, I drove approximately 30 miles to take a picture of “Shiprock.” The legend of this huge rock is that it is the ship that brought the Navajo Indians to this area. Shiprock is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Shiprock is an Icon/Landmark for the Four Corners Area, USA. (The corner where the four states, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, meet).

I kept pulling over on the highway in an attempt to get good pictures. After almost being hit by a car several times (just kidding…but it was close), I decided it was much too dangerous and to use the few photos I was able to get.

Any comments and helpful suggestions are welcome. (Unfortunately, there were power lines in the way).


Challenge 4 – Bliss

Photography 101 Day 4 – BLISS

I went to our local west side dog park today and this young lady was happy to let me photograph her.

Love is Bliss

The Face of Bliss

Of course, I have to put in my beautiful granddaughter! (My favorite photo)

Blissfully Happy

Hope you enjoyed them!