I Named Her Flower

Last summer, my cat brought me a gift. She had snatched a hummingbird from our trumpet vines. The little bird was laying lifeless on my floor. Sassy was so proud of her gift to me. (Sorry Sassy) I was not happy about it. In fact, I was upset that she had killed it.

I picked up the little bird and wrapped her in paper towels and placed in her in my trash. As I was walking away, I thought, “I should at least bury the little thing rather than just put her in the trash.” So I went back to the trash to take her out and as I picked up the wrapped paper towel, the paper started moving! Oh my gosh! She wasn't dead!

I slowly unwrapped her, fearing I would see a terribly wounded little bird. After checking her over I was happy to see that she didn't appear to have any wounds. I placed her on my patio table to see if she could fly. She tried hard to fly but could not take off and fly. Every few days I would repeat this process hoping she had gained the strength back in her injured wing. But, she still could not fly. So I would place her back into her cage with her humingbird feeder. I named her Flower. Every day I would spend time with her, talking softly to her, putting my fingers in her cage and petting her head. She started climbing on one of my fingers and I would take her out of her cage and kiss the top of her tiny little head. She began to trust me.

I placed her cage close to the space I spend most of my time. I thought I would put a towel over her cage so it would decrease her stress (just in case she had any stress). Immediately, she began fussing and throwing a rucas. I took the towel off and she was quiet again. I guess she just wanted to be able to watch me.

I called all the Vetinarians in my area and none wanted to help this little hummingbird. After a week, I called the Humane Society. They had a couple call me who rehabilitate wild birds then releases them. I handed her over to them. (It was very sad for me because I had grown so fond of her).

Several weeks later they called me and told me they noticed she was flying around in her cage so they placed her outside with the cage door open. They said that she would stick her litle head out the open door but would not fly out of the cage. After awhile, other hummingbirds started flying inside her cage to drink from her hummingbird feeder. Finally, she followed them out of the cage. Flower was once again a wild hummingbird.

It is such a good feeling to have helped a creature, even one as tiny and as seemingly insignificant as a hummingbird.