The Pain Behind Suicide

This morning I read the blog post of “Chronic Pain and Suicide,” and realized that both chronic pain and emotional pain can be equally devastatingly painful.

This past October, my beautiful niece decided to end her life. I know the emotional pain she was experiencing at that time caused her to be desperate to “get away from the pain.” This is what caused her to make the decision which she did.

I know this because I have been there. I know that horrible crushing and all consuming pain that severe depression can cause. I know that desperate feeling that you simply cannot bear the pain anymore.

I know what helped me through my extremely painful times was the love and support of a caring family member, my brother. I thank God for him every day.

With my niece, Allison, I did not know all the emotional stress she was under until after her death. What I did know however, is that there was an influence in her life that was extremely stressful. I did tell several family members that if this influence didn't change, she would kill herself. They didn't believe me. She lived in another state and I heard no more about her after that. I truly regret not doing more. “If only….”

I hope we all will familarize ourselves with the signs of depression and how we can help people in this state. I hope we will all be loving and caring support to the depressed person in our lives; whether they are depressed from emotional or from physical pain. I hope we don't say, “Oh, he/she isn't in my family, so I won't get involved.” Please; if you see someone suffering, get involved. Let someone know and then later, follow up. Don't drop the ball like I did.

No matter what type of pain we are in, emotional pain or physical pain, we need the love and support of others. We don't need harsh judgement, we need love, acceptance, and understanding.

Would any of us of have chosen to be in so much pain? No, of course not. But I can assure you, what we do want and need is the love and understanding from others. We need for someone to reach out their hand and say, “I will help you through this. It IS going to be okay.”

Suicide is not somewhere far away. Suicide is right inside our own homes, our own neighborhoods, our own cities and the suicide rate keeps growing and the suicidal age keeps dropping.

We are all very much needed in more ways than we may know.

(Picture is borrowed from Pinterest).