Ten Quote Tuesday Writing Prompt

Ten Quote Tuesday – Writing prompt: write a scene with a sports ticket, candle, discouragement, and drawing.

I thought I would have a little fun with this. Hope you enjoy. :o)


Adam stomped into the kitchen, throwing the tickets to tonight’s football game on the dining room table. His body movements alone assured me he was angry. The candle flame flickered widely from the moving air in the room and one of the wings of the bird on my ink drawing was ruined when he plopped down at the table and jarring it.

“Damn Adam! Look what you made me do!” I shouted, watching the flame on the candle flicker even more.

“What the hell is your problem?” He croaked, tapping his foot incessantly moving the table top. The air in the room becoming noticeably thicker.

“You messed up my drawing you birdbrain!” I shouted with livid anger.

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Then he started laughing; I jump up, grab the largest butcher knife in the kitchen. Just as I was aiming for him, there was a shout,

“Stop stop stop! We are cutting this part of the scene.”

“Oh hell!” I spit, “This was my favorite part,” throwing the knife at the director and laughing as I watched the rubber prop bounce off his head.


The Ghost of Lancaster Castle

  • Ten Quote Tuesday
  • Challenge: Someone takes a trivia question a little too seriously.

Saturday night is game night for my three friends, Molly, Lucy, Carolee, and me. We have been meeting every Saturday night for a year.

Never before in the history of our game nights have we had problems, until last Saturday night. That night we all chose to play the game, “The Ghost of Lancaster Castle.” The legend of the castle is that a ghost has resided in the castle since the death of Daniel and his wife died. It is believed that Daniel died of the flu since it was killing hundreds of people at that time. Fifteen years later, Adele died from an unknown cause.

The rules of the game were:

1. We are all given a brief synopsis of the legends of the ghosts of this castle. We are to read this synopsis and try and remember as much about the legends as we can. There is a pile of cards that we shuffle and stack in one pile and choose our card from the top of the pile.

2. As we go around the circle, the next person picks a card from the top of the pile, reads the question aloud, and tries to answer the question correctly. When we answer correctly, we are given a mark. Whoever has the most marks at the end of the game is the winner. (There is a separate booklet that has the answer to the questions).

We had been playing for about an hour when Lucy jumped up and started shouting and talking in this strange devilish voice that we had never heard before. Molly, Carolee and I were shocked. We didn’t know what to think. At first we just thought Lucy was pulling our legs.

Her eyes were huge and a very strange expression was on her face. She was screaming, “I killed him. It was me! I killed Daniel!”

Molly, Carolee and I turned white and held on to each other. We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t understand what was happening to Lucy. Carolee was so frightened she started crying. Molly and I were trembling.

Lucy stopped screaming and blurted out in that same raspy voice , “I killed Daniel because he was going to leave me. I was NOT going to allow him to leave me!” After saying this she started crying. I reached out to touch her,


I jerked my arm back and she began wailing and rocking herself. Through all the chaos and confusion I suddenly realized I needed to try and figure out what caused this to happen to Lucy. Maybe I could find a way to stop it.

I reached for the game and picked up the card she had selected from the top of the pile. This was the question written:

“Does Adelle know the truth?”

That is when Lucy started screaming, “Daniel, STOP! STOP DANIEL! Don’t!” Another scream.


I grabbed the booklet with the answers and ran my finger down the page until I found the right answer to the question.

“It is believed that Daniel is the ghost of Lancaster Castle and that it is he who pushed Adelle down the stairs and she broke her neck. It is also believed that he picked her up and laid her on the bed. That is where she was found several days later by her sister.”

The ghosts are Daniel and Adelle!

Lucy jumped up and grabbed all the cards and dumped them in the trash.

Our Lucy is back!

As far as we know, Daniel and Adelle are happily haunting Lancaster Castle.

As far as we are concerned, who cares?