Throwback Thursday February 5, 2015

John was about 20 years old when I was only 16 years old. He was my first heart-throb. I mean, my first REAL heart-throb. I know this because I wrote his name all over my spiral notebook. I also know this because he worked at a well known shoe store and my friends and I would go there to hang out (uninvited of course). I also know this because I would day dream about him during classes instead of listening to the teachers.

The day of our first date was the happiest day of my short life. He had FINALLY asked me out for a date. Back then it was a given that “dates” consisted of going downtown to the movie theater and buying popcorn and cokes. There were no DVD’s back then and there were no movie theaters that showed 10 or 12 different movies at the same time. In fact, there were exactly two movie theaters and exactly two different movies showing at the same time.

He picked me up in his pickup truck and we started driving outside of the city.

I asked him, “Where are we going?” (The movie theater was downtown not out-of-town).

“We’re going to the kegger.”

I am sure I probably swallowed my tongue at this point trying to gulp down the fear I was feeling. I had never been to a kegger. I didn’t drink alcohol or smoke. I was a good girl and good girl’s don’t go to a kegger!

I kept quiet, after all, this was my heart-throb, our first date, and I wanted to make a “good” impression.

When we reached the kegger, John got out of the truck. At first, I stayed in the truck. All the kids were drinking beer, partying and having a roaring good time. I didn’t belong among them. I shouldn’t be here in the first place.

The kegger was right next to the river and there were exactly two entrances into it (meaning two EXITS out of it). It was a beautiful place to “party” if one wanted to party. I didn’t. I wanted to go to the movie.

I watched as the underaged kids got drunk, made fools of themselves, all while I was stone cold sober.

After several hours, suddenly some of the kids started screaming, “Cops! Cops are coming! RUN!” Sure enough a line of patrol cars were coming down each of the two roads coming into the kegger. I ran.

Yes, I ran. I ran because everyone else was running and panicking so I was running and panicking. After a few minutes of running, I found a huge bush and climbed into the middle of it and sat down and waited. I had no idea how long I was going to have to wait or if I would still have a ride home. I sat in the middle of the bush and lamented,

“If I get caught, I wasn’t here on my own free will and I don’t even drink!”

I listened as the policemen rounded up kids and put them into the cop cars. I was able to keep quiet, but I couldn’t control my shaking from fear.

Sometime later, I have no idea of the time, all became quiet. The patrol cars had driven away so I knew they were no longer there. I climbed out from the middle of the bush and looked for anyone else that might have escaped the ordeal. Fortunately, I was able to find John and he immediately took me home.

That was our first date and that was our last date.

I did have to live with the spiral notebook for the rest of the year.