Valentine’s Day

“Love is a verb. Without action, it is just a word.”

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. It's all about love. Yes, it is usually about romantic love, but it is still about love, nonetheless. It is about telling people you care about them and that you love them.

Why do we only have one day a year dedicated to this? Personally, I think it is because it is a reminder to us that we should be doing this every day of the year.

If we were to show and tell our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them every day of the year, how much happier would our lives be? How much happier would their lives would be?

We live most of our lives being “too busy.” Too busy to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. Too busy to call our parents. Too busy to call our loved ones and tell them we love and miss them.

Many lost opportunities. Opportunities to share our love and feelings with someone else, loved ones who are dear to us. Who will some day no longer be on this earth.

My son calls me about once a year. When I text him, he always texts back (several days later) and tells me he's too busy.

Yes, it makes me sad. But it makes me sad because he has lost so many opportunities. He will only realize these lost opportunties when I have left this earth and there are no opportunities. Maybe it won't bother him. Only he will know.

Are you too busy? Are you so wrapped up in your life and your world to be too busy for your loved ones? Do you only tell them you love them one day a year? Valentine's Day?



My Funny Valentine

My Dearest Darling,

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and will be, or would have been, our 65th Wedding Anniversary. Every year at this time of year, I reminisce about the 51 wonderful years we had together. (Rather, 51 wonderful years we would have had together if I had not caught you sleeping with that slut woman! And right under my nose, you dog!). And, every year, at this time of year, I write you a letter. Tomorrow, I will place this letter with all the other letters, with your remains.

Remember darling how much in love we were when we got married? (Yes, I know daddy told you to marry me or else he would give you a job at the car lot?). But you told me you loved me and I certainly loved you because I was pregnant. (Don't you remember telling me that if I loved you I would sleep with oh, nevermind).

Oh that wonderful day when little John was born. He was such a beautiful baby. (Yes, I know you said he looked just like Frankie, your best friend you). And he was such a good little boy. (Except for the time he peed all over your shoes in the closet and set your pants on fire). But you took it well (after you screamed at him you were going to KILL punish him).

Next came our little girl, Cheryl and another little boy, Charles. You loved being their father and would give them piggy back rides (after I stole your car keys so you couldn't leave).

Now the kids have all grown up and moved away. I know you said you wouldn't would miss them. I miss them too. They still don't know you have passed away. I lied to told them you ran off with that slut other woman and I haven't seen hide nor hair of you.

Little do they know you are just a worthless bag of bones in the attic along with a bunch of hateful loving letters.


Your Funny Valentine

Your Crazy Wife