About Beautiful Words

My journey through the labyrinth of severe depression to joy. ~ Priceless Joy

My blog has been a journey for me. Beginning with Bleeding My Emotions to Inspiring My Emotions, and now, Beautiful Words. I enjoy writing flash fiction, photography, and interacting with other bloggers. I am an aspiring writer, and aspiring photographer and hopefully, an inspiring person and friend. I enjoy helping others on their life’s journey. I hope you enjoy my blog and I would like to thank you for reading my posts and following me. I hope I am able to add happiness to your life even if in a small way.


76 thoughts on “About Beautiful Words

    • Thank you! I am honored. I won’t be able to do anything with this until after Writing 101 and possbily not until after Writing 201 (depending on how fast it comes up). If you want to give it to someone that can work on it right away, I will understand.

      • You deserve the award. It is your choice if you accept it or not. Many bloggers aren’t interested in awards and yes, they do take time to choose who to nominate. For me, I love the response from people when they receive recognition and I found doing it during Blogging 101 and Writing 101 easier as the beginner bloggers were easier to find on my blog roll.

    • Thank you. Last year I was gifted with several nominations but I wasn’t able to put the badge on my blog no matter how much I tried. So, hopefully I will be able to do so this time.

      • You use the image widget. Up load the picture as usual into the media library then get the URL of the picture and copy and paste into the URL info on the image widget. Make sure you also update the side and position you want it. For example I put mine in position 5 on my right hand side. If you get that part wrong just go in and edit it until you have it where you want it. You can add any image to the front of your blog by this means. If you want to add text use the text widget. They are under appearance then widgets. Let me know if you need any more assistance. I would be happy to help.

  1. Very touching intro to who you are and what you’re sharing with the world. Thanks for liking my picture – look forward to seeing more of your photography 101 posts, i totally went a posted that pic on the wrong sight…. it was 23:57 this side and, well, i wasn’t quite “present” at the time 🙂 I haven’t actually gotten round to any photography 101 assignments but, fear not, the weekend is here!

    Cheers and all the best

  2. Hi PJ. Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Your blog is an inspiration to all new writers, and you work so hard to help them all. I love your posts, and your dedication, and think you deserve this award. If you decide to accept, the rules are on my post. 🙂

  3. I nevre ‘THANKED’ you for following my blog. You been a great blog follower. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I hope to read some of your past posts in the near future. It’s been a pleasure to meet you. AND, I appreciate the help you’ve been able to impart. 😍

    • You are welcome and it’s my pleasure! You are also welcome for what help I have given you which I don’t feel has been that much. I feel that we are here on WP to help one another and to become friends. It my pleasure to have you become one of my friends.

  4. We sat down and read several of hour posts and collectively decided that yours was a “must follow”. We look forward to reading, listening and learning more about your beautiful journey as a writer, photographer and blogger.

  5. The journey through the labyrinth of severe depression to Joy.
    To the Priceless Joy.
    Beginning with Bleeding Emotions to Inspiring Emotions, and now, Beautiful Words.
    Enjoy helping others on their life’s journey.
    You would like to thank for reading your posts and following.
    Hoping to add happiness to our life even if in a small way.
    What more could you say Dear Priceless Joy, as I could not find your name.
    My Joy is getting to be Priceless now having met YOU.
    You followed me that itself is Priceless.
    You would like to Thank for following; why should I not receive that privilege.
    This very moment I Follow YOU.
    When You can add happiness in my life why should I not add it to my Life.
    Here goes our Journey in Togetherness.
    Happy Christmas.
    Love to YOU!

  6. I am commenting partially because it’s an assignment to do so…I’m enrolled in ‘Commenting Bootcamp’ and today’s assignment was to go share a personal story in a comment on a new blog that one had discovered. I found you through your comment on my blog yesterday; and I stayed (and am now following) because your stories and insight about mental health issues are a big part of my blog too. Now for the ‘personal’ story: I am an older woman who has struggled with depression and possible bipolar (mild) for over forty years. My family has a history of people with mental problems of varied nature, and it has been interesting to me to catalog their journeys and note how environmental factors (how one was raised, values, behaviors and that) may influence how an individual develops the ‘disease’ of mental health issues. Note the very politically correct way I phrased that…in the day my relatives were called such things as ‘bat crap crazy’ so we’ve come a very long way in being more compassionate toward the mentally ill. I enjoy discovering new blogs that deal with mental health and other people’s battles and successes with this challenge…and your blog looks as if it will be most informative and entertaining too. And your success is a reassurance that one can overcome and live a full and wonderful life even if they have mental illness too. cheers!! I look forward to reading more!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! Living a full healthy life is indeed very possible! I agree with you – there use to be so much stigma toward the mentally ill but people have been educated about it more than they were back then. Fortunately, we aren’t viewed as, “bat shiX crazy!” Thank you for following my blog. I will follow your blog as well! Thank you also for sharing your story with me and introducing yourself to me!

  7. If you write, you are a writer. If you take pictures, you are a photographer. Have a great day! 🙂

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