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Strange Relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship where you don't know where you stand? It is a very uncomfortable relationship isn't it?

I am in this type of relationship with one of my family members. It seems everything I do is wrong. Right now he doesn't even appear to be talking to me and I have no idea why. And, if he isn't talking to me how do I find out what I have done wrong? Seriously, I have no idea.

There has been this sadness that has been lingering over me recently because of this and I can't shake it off.

It is an awful feeling to feel like you have been a failure to your own child.






“Filtered Light”

I just finished reading, for the first time, the blog titled, “Filtered Light” http://filteredlight.wordpress.com. (I'm assuming this is the correct URL because I cannot find it on her blog site. If it is not, please let me know and I will do more searching).

This mother must be the “Mother Teresa” of all mothers. She is the mother of 3 children, all of whom are autistic. Her youngest daughter is autistic and deaf.

If anyone needs support and encouragement from others, it is this mother, Erin.

After I finished reading her post for today, “Storms,” I was in awe how one mother can parent three special needs children. However, she does and she does it with grace, courage, strength, and with the mighty love of a mother for her children.

Please — check out her blog. It is wonderful!

A Post With a New Element and MAD

I am MAD!

On day six of the http://zerotohero challenge we are asked to publish a post that includes a new element. They gave us the instructions on how to download a video from Youtube and Vimeo. I downloaded Vimeo so I could embed a video from it and all the videos they showed on their first feed were pornography videos. After being shocked, I dropped that idea very quickly. It disgusts me that children can see these videos so easily. They didn't just show women naked, they showed women's private parts CLEARLY! Why would Vimeo allow these pictures to come up at the very beginning of their feeds when there are so many children on internet?

I realize that we cannot protect our children from everything on the internet, but sites like these sure do make it even more difficult for us.

Personally, I am going to delete Vimeo and use Youtube. And, if I find the same problem with Youtube, I will delete them too.

This picture is of my little granddaughter. I can't stand to even think of her viewing this garbage, and even worse, being used for such garbage.

For heaven's sake Vimeo and other video and picture sights, HELP US PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! Is that too much to ask? ——- NO !!!! ———-

Happy Happy Joy Joy

The happiness and joy of a baby or small child is picture perfect of the essence of joy. Their innocence absolutely captures the embodiment of joy. Their joy isn't marred by the questions of “what ifs” or of the emotions that we all learn as we journey through our lives. Their joy is sheer unadulterated joy. Beautiful priceless joy.

Jesus Christ taught us that we must be “born again” in order to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Does this mean we must become “like” little babies?

I believe he means we must shed our past and ours sins through baptism and live our lives encased in His joy, the joy of Jesus Christ and the Grace of God. By doing so, we become like little children inasmuch as our joy is unadulterated and complete.

I don't believe it is possible to live on this earth and not have troubles, even if we are born again Christians. But I do believe it is possible to “turn our troubles over to The Lord” and be free of their burden upon us. This isn't easy to do. It takes a whole lot of faith. But faith is what Jesus Christ asks of us.

Babies are joyous because they have faith in their mother. They know she is going to take care of all of her/his needs and love her/him unconditionally. They are not burdened with the fears that we adults learn to have during the journey of our lives. They are not wounded by mistakes and wrong choices. (This of course does not include babies who are abused or neglected).

I wish we all could experience joy in the same way that babies experience it. I wish we all could shed those fears and learned behaviors that affect our happiness.

I wish we all could be like little children living in a world where there were no evil, no fear, and no learned behaviors that rob us of our sweet priceless innocent joy.

I wish we all could sit down together and have cookies and milk.



Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

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