Saturday Blogs Highlight

On Saturdays, I am taking a few blogs that I follow and highlighting them for others to check out for themselves. Some of the blogs that I highlight are well established blogs, while others are new to the WordPress blogging family. Please take a few minutes and take a look at these blogs/posts.

If you would like to draw more people to your blog, this post is a must read. Author, Chris Nicholas, writes about “Sowing Season.” His blog’s name is Renegade Press. Check him out!

Renegade Press-Sowing Season


What do you want to be when you grow up? AveryRose, author of the blog, Roses and Whimsey, writes, “When I Grow Up, I want to be a Miracle.” Please take a look at her post:

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Miracle


Meet the writer, penshift, author of the blog, “Next Stop: The End. She writes a flash fiction post, “Should Have Gone with Poprock.” Please check out her post:

Should Have Gone with Pop-rock


Sweety Kannoth, author of the blog, The ‘Pen’lightment of the Soul, writes the final section of the “Chain Story” titled, “The Tiny Soldier.” This is a story that had been created by eleven different writers, and I am one of them. Please check out her post:

The Tiny Soldier – Part 11


Last but not least, is Tildy1, author of the blog, the beespeak. Check out her post, The Portal Between.

The Beespeak


Thank you for taking the time to give these bloggers a look.


A Beautiful View of India and Other Great Blogs

I am a little late getting out my introduction to bloggers post, and I apologize. I would like to introduce you to four wonderful blogs which I follow. Some of the blogs that I introduce are well established while others are new to the WordPress family blogoneers.

The first introduction, I have introduced before, but he has developed a beautiful short video of “India in Time Lapse.” This is seriously a must see.

Dr. Rohith Reddy, author of the blog, “My Life,” has developed this beautiful short video,

India: Change The Perception (Time Lapse)


I would like to introduce you to myrandomness01, author of the blog, “My Random Musings.” I enjoy reading her posts and feel you will too. Please check out her post,

No Rest for the Guilty


My next introduction is of a fantastic writer, justthrowstrikes, author of the blog, “Just Throw Strikes.” Please read her true story of someone she met on the bus (you will love it):

Making Connections on the Bus


Last but certainly not least, is Kenneth, author of the blog, “The Culture Monk.” Most of us have probably heard of or are following his blog. His blog is currently going through some wonderful rennovations and tomorrow is his “grand re-opening.” Please check out his post:

The Culture Monk


Thank you so much for giving these blogs a little bit of your time. We are all here to learn from one another and that includes sharing bloggers that we love to follow.

Thank you!!


Check Out These Posts!

Every Saturday, I am dedicating a post for the purpose of introducing some of the bloggers that I follow. I enjoy following and reading these blogs and think you might enjoy them as well. Some of the blogs that I introduce are well established, while others are new bloggers in this WordPress Blogosphere. I only ask that you click on their links below and check out their blog.


Stormie Steele, author of “Stormie Steele,” a blog dedicated to Spiritual and Self Development, has recently published a book, “Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey.” Please take a look at her post, “Be the Gift.”

Be the Gift, “Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey”


Dr. Rohith Reddy, author of the blog, “My Life,” is a blog about his travel diaries. He recommends wonderful places to see, great places to eat, among a wealth of other travel information. Please check out his post,

Travel Diaries: Hongkong-My First Backpacking Trip – II”


naturelover, author of the blog, “Nature Lover,” is a WordPress blogger from Pakistan. In her post, “The City of Lively Hearts,” she tells us about her lovely city, Lahore.

“The City of Lively Hearts”


D.L. Jordan, new blogger and author of the blog, “The Hempstead Man,” shares Part I of a story he has written, “A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter One: The Beginning of Normal.” Check out part 1 of his story:

“A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter One: The Beginnings of Normal”


lbeth1950, author of the blog, “Nutsrok,” shares humorous stories about her 91 year old mother (with her mother's blessings). Want a good laugh? Check out her post, “Laughter and Life.”

“Laughter and Laugh”


joeyjoank, author of the blog, “In and Out of the Kitchen,” shares a tribute to the passing of her dear friend in her post, “So Long for Now.” Please read this beautiful and heartwarming post:

“So Long for Now”


RoJo, new blogger and author of the blog, “Fixing Rojo,” writes a post about his faith, “When I Lost My Faith.” Please read his story:

“When I Lost My Faith”


Just a Few More…

There were a few more blogs that I wanted to highlight, along with the previous blogs today, and decided on a second post.

Once again, some of the blogs are new while others are well established. I wanted to bring them to your attention, in case you have not yet seen them on the WordPress blogosphere. Please check them out.


Ryan Lanz is the author of the blog, “A Writer's Path.” If you are an aspiring writer, I highly suggest you follow his blog. His posts are all geared in helping aspiring writers improve their writing, and helping established and aspiring writers' to overcome writers' block. Please check out his post,

“Under the Microscope: A Crimson Cord.”


Estalea is the author of the blog, “Estelea's Blog”. She and her husband and children currently live in the Philippines and are ready to relocate. Please check out her post,

“About Time to Embark on New Adventures.”


Insach, a new, young blogger on WordPress, is the author of the blog, “Insach.” Please check out his post,

“2014 in Review”


Ben Rowe is the author of the blog, “Aperture64,” and is an amazing photographer. Check out his post,

“Confession and Questions”


Terri Webster Schrandt is the author of the blog, “Perspectives On…” Please check out her post about Windsurfing:

“Photography 101: Triumphs of the First Time.”


Thank you for reading and checking out these blogs!

Introducing Wonderful Blogs…

Every Saturday, I am intoducing fellow bloggers, whose blogs I follow and enjoy. Some of them you may already be familiar with. The blogs that I introduce may or may not be new bloggers on WordPress. I just ask that you click on the links and check out their blogs.


The blog, Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog,” is authored by 5kidswdisabilities. Her blog posts are always interesting and highly endearing. Please check out her post,

“Quick..Tell Me Where to Turn.”


The Beleaguered Servant authors the blog, “No Talent for Certainty.” He writes beautiful poetry which I enjoy reading and feel you will too. Please check out his post,

“The Ghost of Christmas Failed.”


Mark Aldrich authors the blog, “The Gad About Town.” He writes very interesting articles about, well, just about everything. Please check out his post,

“First, Lasts, Somewhere in the Middle.”


D'Wayne is the author of the blog, D'way Crafts. He highlights his beautiful crochet projects. Check out his awesome Mock Fedoras in his post,

“Welcome Winter Two Crochet Mock Fedoras And A Squirrel.”


notavogan authors the blog, “On The Vogonity.” She describes her poetry as the “Fourth Worst Poetry in the World.” (It is better than that). Her poetic verses are always very entertaining. Check out her post,

“Hobbit-Hole is Where the Bed is.”


fsmithwrites is the author of the blog, “A Smith's World.” She is in the process of writing a book and has been introducing the characters of her book in her posts. I asked her to write a summary of her book for this post. Please check out her post,

“The Description and The Overview.”


joyroses13 is the author of the blog, “joyroses13.” She writes wonderful posts about her family, among other things. Every Friday she posts a 6 word story. Because some of us were a bit confused about what her six words were referring to, she answered with this post. Please check out her story,

“The Story Behind Today's 6 Word Story.”


laurenudoh is the author of the blog, “Brainwashed Beautiful Mind.” Please check out her poem, titled,



Thank you for taking the time to check out these terrific blogs!

Have a Happy Weekend!


Rolling Posts

In response to my earlier post about scrolling posts on your “Like” comments page, Dave, with ParkInkSpot came to my rescue! Thank you Dave!

– Go into your blog's dashboard and find the up and down arrow icon.

– Click on this icon and select, Reading.

– In this page you will first select: “first page displays latest post.”

– Next, (on the same page) go to “Infinity and Beyond” and select “Scroll Indefinately.”

This should change your posts displayed as scrolling!

Did You Know…

Something you can do to draw more readers to your blog?…….

People that have been blogging for awhile more than likely already know this. So, I am posting this for the newer bloggers in WordPress that follow me.

If you will make the three posts that shows on the bottom of your posts “rolling” (having it use your three latest posts), it will help bring more readers to your blog.

When you “Like” someone else's blog, if the three posts that shows at the bottom of your “Like” are always the same posts, people will stop clicking on those posts to read them, because they will have already been read.

If you would like to bring more readers to your blog, I suggest you take advantage of this worthwhile tip.


Introducing a Few Blogs…

Starting a little late today, I would like to introduce you to some great blogs that I follow. Some of these bloggers are not new to WordPress while others are. Please check out their wonderful blogs!


Mark Bialczak, author of, “Mark Bialczak” Blog has introduced a new post coming soon in his future blogs. Please read: “Go Ahead, Ask Me What I think and Ya'll Get Free Advice.” To learn more about it:

Dear Abby, (ooops, I mean, Dear Mark)


lensaddiction, author to the blog, “Learning to See Light,” features beautiful photographs. Check out the latest post: Jim Goldstein Wants my Best Images of 2014″


Nihar Pradhan, author of the blog, “Makeup & Breakup,” is the Sage of the WordPress blogs. Check out his post: “Marriage vs. Divorce-A Dialogue with a Difference.”


lrod, author of the blog, “LROD'S BLOG,” features beautiful photographs and great writing. Read her post, “WPC: New.”


Caper Mom, author of the blog, “Caper Mom making my way through the madness.” She features her everyday life as a wife, mother, and full time worker. She is also in the process of writing a book. Check out her blog, “Vacation.”


plaridel, author of the blog, “Musings of a Random Mind,” features beautiful photographs and wonderful writing. Please check out his post: “A Day in Chinatown.”


aworldofdean, author of the blog, “aworldofdean,” is a young new blogger who is “up-and-coming” in this WordPress blogosphere. Please check out his post, “It's a Cliche'”.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I truly hope each of you take time to click on the url's above and give them each a little support.

Thank you!

Step Right Up….

Each Saturday I am introducing a few WordPress bloggers that I enjoy following, viewing and/or reading their posts. Some of these bloggers are not new to WordPress, while others are new or are fairly new to this WordPress blogosphere. If you are not already familiar with these blogs, please check them out:


Colleen, the Chatter Master, is the author of the “Chatterblog.” Her blog is about, well, a little of everything — whatever is on her mind or in her heart. Please check out this recent post: The Things that Matter Always Do


Cat, is the author of the blog, “My Travels with Depression.” Cat struggles with depression, PTSD and related Agoraphobia and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and brings us into his inner thoughts regarding his weekly group therapy sessions. His generous honesty helps others understand these, often, debilitating illnesses. Check out Cat’s recent post: “Therapy – The Christmas Break.”


Amanda (Mandi) is the author of the blog, “Mandibelle16”. She describes her blog as “thoughts, expressions, and articles.” She is an aspiring writer and photographer. Check out her post, “Christmas Cheer.”


Caroline, is the author of the blog, “Beautiful Life with Cancer.” Caroline shares her daily life with her family among other things that come to her heart and mind. Please check out her heartwarming poem, “Staring at my Family.”


Elizabeth authors the blog, “Tea and Paper.” She shares her world with words and gorgeous photographs. Please check out her post, “Here’s What’s on Top of my Christmas Tree What’s on Yours?”


Dreamer Girl whose “dreams are bright as city lights”, authors the blog, “Dreamer Girl.” She aspires to be a writer of poetry and short stories. Check out her poem, “The Invisible Sea.”


A fairly new blog in our WordPress Blogging world is the blog, “In Pursuit of Rainbow.” Check out her post, “The Chaos Theory”:


Kaygy is an aspiring (and humble) writer and poet. She is the author of the blog, “Randoms by a Random.” Check out her lovely poem, “Here’s to Friendship.”


If you enjoy photography blogs, take a peek at, “Gray Days and Coffee.” Her post features beautiful photos. Check out her photography post: “Raindrops on Pinecones and Fences and Bushes…”


Do you like trees? So does Carrie, (the tree hugger), author of the blog, “The Shady Tree.” Check out her post of her favorite trees for 2014:


And last, but not least, is Ady, author of the blog, roundWorldnMe. Check out her post, “Dreams of an Amateur.”


Normally, I will introduce five blogs that I enjoy reading, viewing, and following each Saturday. I doubled up this week because of the holidays.

“Some” of the blogs I introduced are new or fairly new bloggers and I hope you will help to support and encourage them as their blogs evolve in this blogosphere family of WordPress. I certainly am grateful for each of you that read, comment and follow my blog.

Happy New Year: 2015! I wish each and everyone of you the most wonderful year ahead.

What’s Going on with WordPress?

I don't understand what is going on with WordPress. I am getting comment posts on blogs that I have not subscribed to receive. (I generally NEVER subscribe for these).

I am also NOT GETTING posts that I have subscribed to receive instant emails on their posts.

This site has been limping along with pingbacks but I wonder what else is going on? It makes me wonder, who else's blog posts or comments am I not receiving?

Is anyone else having these or similar problems?