Ten Quote Tuesday Writing Prompt

Ten Quote Tuesday – Writing prompt: write a scene with a sports ticket, candle, discouragement, and drawing.

I thought I would have a little fun with this. Hope you enjoy. :o)


Adam stomped into the kitchen, throwing the tickets to tonight’s football game on the dining room table. His body movements alone assured me he was angry. The candle flame flickered widely from the moving air in the room and one of the wings of the bird on my ink drawing was ruined when he plopped down at the table and jarring it.

“Damn Adam! Look what you made me do!” I shouted, watching the flame on the candle flicker even more.

“What the hell is your problem?” He croaked, tapping his foot incessantly moving the table top. The air in the room becoming noticeably thicker.

“You messed up my drawing you birdbrain!” I shouted with livid anger.

Google Image

Then he started laughing; I jump up, grab the largest butcher knife in the kitchen. Just as I was aiming for him, there was a shout,

“Stop stop stop! We are cutting this part of the scene.”

“Oh hell!” I spit, “This was my favorite part,” throwing the knife at the director and laughing as I watched the rubber prop bounce off his head.



My Dream Letter

Dear Potential Future Husband,

I know you are reading this at this moment and you are looking for me. I am the woman of your dreams. Just ask my ex-husband. On second thought… DON’T.

For your information I will NOT do these tasks:

– I will not pick up your dirty underwear off of the floor. Please be advised if you throw it on the floor it will stay there. Make sure when you throw your underwear that it doesn’t stick to the wall. This could be bad.

– I will not put the cap back on the toothpaste for you. Make sure you do this every time you brush your teeth. Oh, and while you are at it, clean the @$ sink! I will NOT clean the sink after you have shaved or brushed your teeth.

These will be your duties:

– Put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket and on Saturday, take the clothes out of the laundry basket and put them into the washing machine. After the washing is finished, you put the wet clothes in the dryer. When they are dry, you F-O-L-D them and put them where they belong.

– Cooking. When you get home from work in the evenings, you will cook our dinner and then clean the dishes after the meal.

– Saturdays are the days you will clean the house. Every inch of it. If you insist, I will get you a Swiffer Sweeper. Be sure to empty the dust out of the vacumn cleaner after you have used it. And when you do, please do NOT get the dust all over the place.

In return:

– I will be nice to you and treat you respectfully.

– I will give you an allowance from your paycheck.

– You can go out with the “boys” one night a month but you must be home by 11:00pm.

For those interested, please apply within.

(Do not ask about sex. THAT is NOT in this contract).

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For Blogging 101 we are suppose to write a letter to our “Dream Reader.”


This is my letter. Of course, it is all written in fun, so men, please don’t apply. Really!


My Funny Valentine

My Dearest Darling,

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and will be, or would have been, our 65th Wedding Anniversary. Every year at this time of year, I reminisce about the 51 wonderful years we had together. (Rather, 51 wonderful years we would have had together if I had not caught you sleeping with that slut woman! And right under my nose, you dog!). And, every year, at this time of year, I write you a letter. Tomorrow, I will place this letter with all the other letters, with your remains.

Remember darling how much in love we were when we got married? (Yes, I know daddy told you to marry me or else he would give you a job at the car lot?). But you told me you loved me and I certainly loved you because I was pregnant. (Don't you remember telling me that if I loved you I would sleep with oh, nevermind).

Oh that wonderful day when little John was born. He was such a beautiful baby. (Yes, I know you said he looked just like Frankie, your best friend you). And he was such a good little boy. (Except for the time he peed all over your shoes in the closet and set your pants on fire). But you took it well (after you screamed at him you were going to KILL punish him).

Next came our little girl, Cheryl and another little boy, Charles. You loved being their father and would give them piggy back rides (after I stole your car keys so you couldn't leave).

Now the kids have all grown up and moved away. I know you said you wouldn't would miss them. I miss them too. They still don't know you have passed away. I lied to told them you ran off with that slut other woman and I haven't seen hide nor hair of you.

Little do they know you are just a worthless bag of bones in the attic along with a bunch of hateful loving letters.


Your Funny Valentine

Your Crazy Wife

Roundup of Stars!

Day 23 of zerotohero challenge asks us to do a “roundup” of some of our favorite blogs. I think I have already been doing that lately, but I am eagerly ready to share some links to posts that that I have enjoyed reading. Hopefully, you will check them out and you will like them as much as I do.

Now, who doesn't love a “good ol' boy” redneck? I certainly do! After all, the word reckneck makes me think of a tough ol' guy that is harsh, determined, narrow minded, and satirically funny. In fact, the title of this post gave me the creeps, causing me to enter very cautiously into his post's dark chamber door. (Seriously, who wants to read a story about DEATH, for heaven's sake?!)

(Redneck) Death Notice from Imagine. How funny can you make a story about running from the “Grim Reaper,” while shopping in Walmart? You will find out when you read this beloved writer's story. Please, check it out!

Just in case I messed up on the link: http://wp.me/p1sIAL-Er

Next, I would like to introduce to you (just in case you haven't already been), the wonderful writing of Vic Briggs. I picked this post in particular because I really liked it! Cliche's/Avoid Them Like the Plague! We all know that cliche's are overused expressions, which frankly, many of us are fond of (me, included).

Just in case I messed up on the link: http://shardsofsilence.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/cliches-avoid-them-like-the-plague/

By the way, if you are a “Hogwartsians” you can send her a message by owl.

Some writers know how to make this world a better place simply by the way they wonderfully craft their words. I think Lisa is one of those. I chose this post, because it is one of the MANY posts she writes that I have loved.

For Not Everyone, is from the blog, “Hey Sparky! What Time Is It? Through her words, she weaves the truth of God's love for us and through His love He shines His precious grace upon us.

In case I messed up on the link, http://heysparky.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/for-not-everyone/

If you haven't heard of the “Culture Monk”, check out his coffee cup wisdom of life in, Sometimes It's Not About What We Want…Really? Kenneth is on a one year journey to coffee houses throughout the world to share pictures, facts, and most of all, his wisdom with his readers. His insights and wise words are brilliant. In case I messed up on the link:

Next, I would like to introduce you to an excellent artist, writer, and photographer. Help! I Need a Caption is by the Forester Artist, who comes across a very strange sight in the middle of the woods.

His blog is filled with his awesome art, beautiful photographs and wonderful writing. Please check it out! In case I messed up on the link:


Do you ever feel like you just want to complain and need someone to complain to? Well here is your answer! Introducing, “The Struggle Bus from the blog, Bens Bitter Blog. He has a wonderful way of making bitter better! Please, check it out! In case I messed up on the link:


A blog that puts into words into how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror, “The Mirror is Not My Friend from the blog, Tales of a Slightly Stressed Mother. She examines how she finds all of her blemishes and unperfect self when she looks in the mirror. Who doesn't have insecurities about their looks? (I certainly do!)

In case I messed up on the link: http://srollinson7.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/the-mirror-is-not-my-friend/

Last, I would like to introduce, Feel Alive, Say Yes from the blog. This young writer is making an excellent path in his beginning journey of his blog, Werrrds. Please check it out! In case I messed up on the link:



I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do. I wish you much success in your blogging journey!


May I Have Your Attention Please?

Our Zero to Hero Challenge for today is to write a post that links to an event. I went into the event pages and found this. Earlier this week I posted some photos of the Four Corners Region and asked others to post photos of the areas they live in. Well… whatdoyaknow, this blog site has an event that does the same thing! So, please check it out and if you are interested, participate. I think it will be fun, interesting, and help us get to know one another better.


091213 lisa my hometown bannerMY HOME TOWN

Event Type: Photography

Start Date: Sunday, recurring weekly

Description: Every Sunday I run a photo post called “My Home Town” which features a picture from…you guessed it…my home town. I encourage you to do the same, and share a link with us!

The blogging community is filled with people from all over the world. One of my joys is to browse through other blogs that show unique photos of where they live. What better way to learn about the world than through these blogs and what better way to learn about the flavor of each place than by someone who lives there and knows it?

Organizer: Days of Photographs

Visit organizing blog each Sunday for the week’s instructions


I would also like to introduce you to two blog sites that I enjoy.

IMAGINE! Is a thoroughly enjoyable blog with his witty humor and “satire-ic” personality. His blog will keep you rolling with laughter. Check out this post, Molding Young Minds! You won't be disappointed. (Warning: a few 'R' rated words).

In case you like Crocheting, check out Young at Fifty. Her blog chronicles her crocheting projects and shows pictures of those projects she completes. She crochets amazing things! For instance, Lakshimi the Indian Lady, Budgies, Amigurumi birds, Harry Potter characters, and HUMAN ANATOMY! (Yes! Skeleton, heart, colons, kidneys, liver….(however, I did not see blood. :D).

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. Here's wishing you all much blogging fun and success!



Another Star in Blogland! Update!!

Sorry, I had put the wrong url to link to his blog. Please try it now.

For your reading pleasure, I am introducing a blog that I have been reading and enjoying.

This blog is about a young man's experiences of “life after college.” (And during college and before college…) His writing is fresh, brilliant, and funny. I asked him to describe his blog:

The Brantley Blog: In the eyes of the law, we reach adulthood the day we turn 18 years old. God help anyone who actually believes that. One guy's embarrassing tales of learning things the hard way on the way to becoming a grown up.”

In my opinon it is much more than that. His “Brantleyisms” (and disclaimers) are personal quotes drawn from his “young male living life” wisdom. His posts are a mixture of humor and his exploration of deeper thoughts. In his words, “I'm not exactly sure where blogging will take me. I just hope that it's somewhere just as enriching and enjoyable as the path I've traveled so far.”

Please check out his blog:






Wonderful Blogs

There are some very lovely blogs in WordPress. I would like to introduce you to some wonderful blogs and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. (In case you have not yet read their posts).

Instead of describing the blog of the first blogger I want to introduce, I will use her own words because I would not be able to describe it better:

“The most powerful joy, freedom, and purpose are found not on any mountaintop. They're found while lying face-down in the valley of grief, when all is lost. There, we find our Creator and our soul. And the joy found in that moment changes us so truly, that we might never want to leave the valley again…” ~Lori Lara~


I have introduced this blogger before but I did not give a description of her blog. I asked her to describe her blog and this is what she said, “Random ramblings from a renewed mind.” However, I would like to describe her blog further. She is a wife and a mother of four children. Her posts are fresh, sometimes humorous, and always about her deep and imaginative thinking. She quickly captures the hearts of her readers:


This blogger is an artist and her blog is filled with her beautiful paintings and wonderful photographs. Her writing is always interesting and beautifully written. She has a magical and endearing way of capturing the hearts of her readers:


Through honesty and openness about her life, her imagination, and her photographs, this blog writer captures the hearts of her readers and pulls them into her reality in a very endearing way. Her posts are sometimes humorous, sometimes reflective, and always refreshing as she writes about her life, her feelings and her surroundings.


Joy takes us through her life of living with intense pain from fibroid adhesions. She describes her daily life of living with pain and teaches her readers exactly what adhesions are. She is a strong person with a kind and loving heart. She teaches us about “silent” diseases and of the battles of which their sufferers must endure. Her honesty endears her readers to her and to her writing.


My descriptions of these blogs do not do these writers enough justice, therefore, I hope you will find out for yourselves.

I will continue to surf through WordPress blogs and introduce you to blogs that I find enjoyable reading.


More Wonderful Blogs!

Blog land is so wonderful! I feel like I am finding a treasure when I find great blogs to read. I especially love being able to comment on the blogs and interact with their writers. Some writers will interact and some don't.

I would like to present you with some more wonderful blogs on WordPress. If you haven't read them already, I urge you to read some of their blog posts:

A young wife and mother, Beauty Through Ashes, gives advice for relationships, marriage, mothering, and other topics that will interest a young woman, wife, mother, or others. Her wisdom is shared to help inspire and help others in their journey through young womanhood:


Curious Flowers, Linda Ghill, and Mark Bialczak are blogs on a variety of subjects. The authors shares their perceptions and thoughts of their daily life and other subjects in a unique and charming way:




This writer presents us with a story a day! His unique and often funny stories are enchanting and encourages us into deeper thought:


For those who like to read inspirational blogs, this writer shares her spirituality and love through her lovely and inspiring posts:


I am sure that my descriptions of their blogs have not given them enough credit. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.