Wonderful Blogs

There are some very lovely blogs in WordPress. I would like to introduce you to some wonderful blogs and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. (In case you have not yet read their posts).

Instead of describing the blog of the first blogger I want to introduce, I will use her own words because I would not be able to describe it better:

“The most powerful joy, freedom, and purpose are found not on any mountaintop. They're found while lying face-down in the valley of grief, when all is lost. There, we find our Creator and our soul. And the joy found in that moment changes us so truly, that we might never want to leave the valley again…” ~Lori Lara~


I have introduced this blogger before but I did not give a description of her blog. I asked her to describe her blog and this is what she said, “Random ramblings from a renewed mind.” However, I would like to describe her blog further. She is a wife and a mother of four children. Her posts are fresh, sometimes humorous, and always about her deep and imaginative thinking. She quickly captures the hearts of her readers:


This blogger is an artist and her blog is filled with her beautiful paintings and wonderful photographs. Her writing is always interesting and beautifully written. She has a magical and endearing way of capturing the hearts of her readers:


Through honesty and openness about her life, her imagination, and her photographs, this blog writer captures the hearts of her readers and pulls them into her reality in a very endearing way. Her posts are sometimes humorous, sometimes reflective, and always refreshing as she writes about her life, her feelings and her surroundings.


Joy takes us through her life of living with intense pain from fibroid adhesions. She describes her daily life of living with pain and teaches her readers exactly what adhesions are. She is a strong person with a kind and loving heart. She teaches us about “silent” diseases and of the battles of which their sufferers must endure. Her honesty endears her readers to her and to her writing.


My descriptions of these blogs do not do these writers enough justice, therefore, I hope you will find out for yourselves.

I will continue to surf through WordPress blogs and introduce you to blogs that I find enjoyable reading.



27 thoughts on “Wonderful Blogs

  1. Thank you PJ. I not only think your words are beautiful, I think that for them to come out so eloquently speaks directly to the writer herself. You have a huge, beautiful heart and that’s why all the descriptions came out great…they could have come out no other way. I love you, my friend.

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