Nurturing Thursday

Becca Givens, hosts a fabulous challenge every Thursday, called Nurturing Thursday. If you are interested in participating, please check out her awesome blog:

I have always heard the phrase, “If negativity knocks at your door, don't let it in.” The following quote is another wording of this wise quote.

Thank you Becca for kindly hosting this Nurturing Thursday Posts

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Because I think humor and fun is also a way to nuture ourselves,

I have added a little Maxine wisdom.

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Yes, that is MY kind of exercise!

Along with, “exercising my fingers on the keyboard.”



New Blog Title!

For those of you who read and/or follow my blog will notice that today I have changed my blog title from “Bleeding my Emotions” to “Inspiring my Emotions.”

Having the title of “Bleeding my Emotions” made me feel I needed to keep my blog to more depressive type posts. In reality, I really want to try and stay away from bleeding heart posts. Although I still want to post more about my struggle OUT of mental illness in my future posts, I do want to keep it on a more positive light.

It is my hope that my new blog “direction” will enlighten, entertain, amuse, as well as, be endearing to you in the future. After all, you are the one who I write to in the first place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Roundup of Stars!

Day 23 of zerotohero challenge asks us to do a “roundup” of some of our favorite blogs. I think I have already been doing that lately, but I am eagerly ready to share some links to posts that that I have enjoyed reading. Hopefully, you will check them out and you will like them as much as I do.

Now, who doesn't love a “good ol' boy” redneck? I certainly do! After all, the word reckneck makes me think of a tough ol' guy that is harsh, determined, narrow minded, and satirically funny. In fact, the title of this post gave me the creeps, causing me to enter very cautiously into his post's dark chamber door. (Seriously, who wants to read a story about DEATH, for heaven's sake?!)

(Redneck) Death Notice from Imagine. How funny can you make a story about running from the “Grim Reaper,” while shopping in Walmart? You will find out when you read this beloved writer's story. Please, check it out!

Just in case I messed up on the link:

Next, I would like to introduce to you (just in case you haven't already been), the wonderful writing of Vic Briggs. I picked this post in particular because I really liked it! Cliche's/Avoid Them Like the Plague! We all know that cliche's are overused expressions, which frankly, many of us are fond of (me, included).

Just in case I messed up on the link:

By the way, if you are a “Hogwartsians” you can send her a message by owl.

Some writers know how to make this world a better place simply by the way they wonderfully craft their words. I think Lisa is one of those. I chose this post, because it is one of the MANY posts she writes that I have loved.

For Not Everyone, is from the blog, “Hey Sparky! What Time Is It? Through her words, she weaves the truth of God's love for us and through His love He shines His precious grace upon us.

In case I messed up on the link,

If you haven't heard of the “Culture Monk”, check out his coffee cup wisdom of life in, Sometimes It's Not About What We Want…Really? Kenneth is on a one year journey to coffee houses throughout the world to share pictures, facts, and most of all, his wisdom with his readers. His insights and wise words are brilliant. In case I messed up on the link:

Next, I would like to introduce you to an excellent artist, writer, and photographer. Help! I Need a Caption is by the Forester Artist, who comes across a very strange sight in the middle of the woods.

His blog is filled with his awesome art, beautiful photographs and wonderful writing. Please check it out! In case I messed up on the link:

Do you ever feel like you just want to complain and need someone to complain to? Well here is your answer! Introducing, “The Struggle Bus from the blog, Bens Bitter Blog. He has a wonderful way of making bitter better! Please, check it out! In case I messed up on the link:

A blog that puts into words into how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror, “The Mirror is Not My Friend from the blog, Tales of a Slightly Stressed Mother. She examines how she finds all of her blemishes and unperfect self when she looks in the mirror. Who doesn't have insecurities about their looks? (I certainly do!)

In case I messed up on the link:

Last, I would like to introduce, Feel Alive, Say Yes from the blog. This young writer is making an excellent path in his beginning journey of his blog, Werrrds. Please check it out! In case I messed up on the link:

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do. I wish you much success in your blogging journey!


Sweet Potato Pie

My papa and my mama grew me up just right,

teaching me how to act, and important stuff in life.

We never had a lot to eat but we never lacked a meal,

Mama knew just how to cook to make us always feel,

We had the grandest meal that ever had been made

Never mind it be just beans, cornbread and a little marmalade.


One day I went a fishin while my mama baked a pie.

I wanted to catch ol' granddaddy fish and look him in the eye.

He's a legend in this here parts with all the fisher men.

Everyone wanted granddaddy and to reel that bugar in.

And get their name in the local news with their picture too,

for catching old Grandaddy, and get their final due.


I got my bait, my worms and my old' ragged pole,

And went down to the pond where I'd probably bet my soul,

that I'd catch ol' granddaddy and win me all that fame,

Everyone in this here parts would always know my name.

I'd win myself that new rod-n-reel that had always caught my eye,

today will be the day that ol' granddaddy'd surely die.


The breeze was gently blowin through the weeping willow trees,

and the thin branches shook all those airy whispy leaves.

The birds were sweetly singing and chirping right along,

with the frogs that were croaking in the sweetest mellow song.

I threw in my line and sat back to get myself a rest,

Knowing fer sure that fishin is what I surely knowed the best.


The string was cast and tucked through my little toes just right,

so I would know when granddaddy would finally take a bite.

I laid back and listened to the sounds of the singing birds and frogs,

and wondered what they'd be singing about in all those mystery songs.

Were they calling to their sweethearts or just singing to the breeze?

Were they just happy to be singing to the swishing of the trees?


The sun beat down on my face, on my legs, and on my arms

burning my skin and my toes and feeling mighty warm.

It started making me sleepy and I dozed for just a bit,

When my pole started shaking! I finally had a hit!

I started bringing in my string with all my little might

Hoping that it was granddaddy that had finally took a bite.


I struggled and pulled that string with a fish on the end,

Took all my might, and all my strength to pull that bugar in.

Just when I thought I had lost the will to keep up with the fight,

I could tell the fish were comin up into this blessed light.

It was granddaddy! I couldn't believe my eyes!

I'd caught ol' granddaddy! Imagine my surprise!


The birds stopped singing and the frogs didn't croak,

Not a single sound came from their ominous throats.

I looked at granddaddy lying on that bank,

I seen he'd just given up and then my little heart sank.

He fought to breathe in air that simply couldn't be,

He was surely gonna die and it would be because of me.


I picked him up, took out that ugly metal hook

Threw him back into that pond as my little body shook.

And then, the birds and frogs began singing loud and strong

with such a cheerful tune in such a sweet and lovely song,

Then I knew for sure and without a single doubt,

what they had sung all along, what their songs had been about.


Their songs are about us livin' and nature's spirit's in us all,

How we should respect all creatures whether great or whether small.

My heart felt so proud and I was happier beyond all measure,

I found out just what in life is worthy of our treasure.

I learnt me a lesson that day, that I'm a right fine little guy!

Happily, I walk back home to get me some sweet potato pie.


(c) copyright