Sunday Photo Fiction – Lilly Whistletoe

Lillie Whistletoe lived in Mrs. Garner’s garden behind the clemantis vines and in front of the ivy. Her job was to draw the flowers growing in the garden. Mrs. Garner did not know about Lilly or that it was her that designed her lovely garden flowers. Lilly worked happily on her artwork and joyfully sang songs as she worked. Only the bees and hummingbirds could hear Lilly’s beautiful songs.

Lilly, being a garden artist faery, used a teeny tiny drawing compass to draw the circles for the center of the flowers. Every May when the sun burst with it’s warm golden rays and it’s gentle fingers of light lovingly nurtured the garden, Lilly’s designs would bloom with majestic colors to the delight and great joy of the Mrs. Garner (and Lilly).

Little did the giant humans know that their sculpture in the park was really a giant drawing compass, and a tribute to Lilly Whistletoe’s important garden job.

(155 words)

Photo Credit: ©Alistair Forbes


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Berty – Sunday Photo Fiction

Roxi told me her daddy’s buying her a horse. I just wanna scream! I been wanting a horse for as long as I can remember and I ain’t never heard Roxi say she wanted a horse. It just ain’t fair. It ain’t fair at all.”

No one was around to hear my little tyrade. But the tears were stickin’ inside my throat. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t cry. I wanted to scream and I wanted to scream as loud as I could.

I’ve begged my daddy to get me a horse but he says they are too pricey to feed. I tole him I would work and pay for the feed, I would do whatever I needed to if I could just get my own horse.”

After breakfast this morning I went outside to do my chores, my mind consumed with Roxi and her horse.

When I walked outside there was my daddy and Roxi, standing next to the most beautiful horse I ever laid my eyes on. My daddy was grinnin’ ear to ear,

This is your horse, Katie, and her name is Berty.”

I ran up to Berty, and hugging her neck, I cried like a baby. (200 words)

Photo Credit: Alistair Forbes

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Sunday Photo Fiction: Puff

Lydia was a wallflower. She was such a wallflower that other kids didn’t notice her. What she needed was a good friend, who would help her overcome her shyness and help raise her self confidence.

Remarkably, she made an unlikely friend, a dragon named, Puff. He followed her everywhere she went and finally, her peers began to notice her. In fact, they began to treat her as though they had known her all her life and she blossomed into a beautiful and self-confident young woman.

One day Puff said to her,

“I have to leave. Sadly, I have lost my magical powers.” He sighed and hung his head.

Lydia started crying, “No Puff. You can’t leave. I wouldn’t be able to bear it.” She sobbed, touching Puff’s kind and loving heart.

“Lydia,” he cooed, “You can do it on your own. Now, YOU have the power.” He touched her softly with the tip of his powerful tail. Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, Puff was gone, along with any memories Lydia had of her sweet friend.

She doesn’t understand why “Puff the Magic Dragon” is her favorite song or why she cries every time she hears it.


(197 words)

Photo Credit: Alister Forbes

Alister Forbes is the kind host of the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge and gives us a photo plus 200 words and challenges us to write a story. This is my submission. Everyone is welcome to participate in this challenge. If you are interested, check out this link SundayPhotoFiction

The Statue

The Romans brutally forced their way into our city that night, killing all who stood in their way, with no respect for life. Homes burned among screams being devoured by massive flames. I heard the beating of horses hooves along with the sounds and smells of the dying. Blood ran thick in the street and the acrid smell of death and thick black smoke suffocated my senses. Chaos ran rabid and hell itself had descended upon my city.

Then I saw her. The tiny little one covered in blood and clinging to the body of her dead mother. I ran toward her, certainly not thinking of my own mortality. I scooped her up and fled from that nightmarish scene. I took her home, to the servants quarters of the palace, and raised her as my own.

She grew into a beautiful woman, kind, good hearted and loving to all. She was fortunate to be unscathed from her past. To my delight, she loved me as though I was her real mother. Little did I know she indeed remembered her mother and twenty-three years later would avenge the Romans for her death. She became a magnificent statue, always to be remembered. (200 words)

Sunday Photo Fiction Photo Prompt
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Sunday Photo Fiction: Words

Life was so simple then. You were tall, dark, and handsome and I, the nerdy bookworm filled with a hope for some kind of a future, of which, I don’t know, but something. Our romance picked me up off my feet and we flew through life high and then higher, from one city to another and from one country to another country, never looking back. We were the unstoppable Rosy and Cruz. They would write a book about us and make a movie about us. We would be famous and never to be forgotten.

You captured my heart with your gaze and I melted into your laugh. That special laugh that told me life was good and you were happy and I was happy. Dear God, we had fun and life couldn’t be better. And every day just got better.

“There’s no stopping us now,” you’d say, “There’s no stopping us now.” I would say. You would laugh and I would laugh while our feet left prints in the sand and our toes were tickled by the rolling tide.

The bookstore closed, never to be opened again, and you became just a memory… to me. A sweet memory of words, beautiful words.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – January 18, 2015

My home is on the top floor of the British Bank Building taking care of my elderly mother. After father died she needed someone to care for her so I moved back home. She has manipulated and controlled my life ever since.

She was diagnosed with COPD and early stage of dementia ten years ago. Ten years later, she is still in early stage of dementia and COPD. The only way the dementia has gotten worse is that she has become meaner, more controlling and more manipulating. She constantly degrades me and tells me what a disappointment I am to her. Nothing I do for her pleases her; it is never good enough for her.

My brother, Christopher, left home as soon as possible and has not looked back since. He is now married, has two children and is an officer in the Royal Navy. I envy him. I am trapped, like a fly caught in a web and mother is the black widow.

I have some arsenic and I will use it. Keep pushing me mother and I will damn sure use it.

I moved back home twelve miserable years ago. I have been in this prison ever since.

200 Words

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Sunday Photo Fiction Jan 11, 2015

“Why is it when something wonderful happens it turns out to bite me instead? Why does this crap keep happening to me?”

I sat on my bed holding my blue journal wishing I could write about something wonderful happening to me without it turning to stab me in the back. My heart felt like it was in my throat, restricting my breathing. I keep gasping trying to suck through the lump in my throat so I can inhale air into my lungs. It releases. The tears come, streaming down my cheeks.

The silent voice is taunting me, “Stop it. You’re just feeling sorry for yourself!’

“Shut-up Shut-up!” I scream, sobbing breathlessly. “Just shut-up!”

My inner voice whispers, “People will disappoint you. It happens and there is nothing you can do to change it. Remember, you have to change yourself.”

Suddenly, my tears stop. That is true. I cannot change other people, I can only change myself. But, what is it that I need to change about myself?

In my concentration to figure out what I need to change, I remember these comforting words,

“Someday, your ship will come in.”

Sinking further into my pillow, I begin thinking about ‘my ship’.

~200 Words~

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